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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chemtrails: What They Are And What We Know About Them

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Chemtrails are long and line-shaped cloud formations artificially created by flying aircrafts which are NOT formed by condensation of water vapor in the aircraft's exhausts. While in fact the typical white trails left by traditional airplanes flying at high altitude last only a few minutes and are formed by condensation of water vapor in the aircraft's exhausts (contrails), chemtrails are supposedly filled with chemical substances employed specifically for supposed atmospheric and weather modification, biological testing or other classified purposes.


Chemtrails are therefore an unproven theory as well as a movement of independent investigative researchers trying to understand whether unusual cloud-like trail formations being documented across world skies are indeed a systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for some classified missions or simple white contrails generated by normal airliners.

Conspiracy theories around chemtrails want these cloud-like trails criss-crossing the skies be part of a secret testing system to counter the effects of global warming. Others have written about the possibility that chemtrails could be instead wireless military devices to provide greater support for communications networks and radar systems.


All of those suggesting ambiguous and possibly dangerous consequences of such chemtrails maintain that these trails have an appearance and quality different from those of normal water-based contrails. Indeed when looking at the large visual documentation available, chemtrails seem not to be consistent with the well-known properties of traditional contrails.

On the news front, the first to report with some impact about chemtrails was American journalist William Thomas, who in 1997, reported about trails released by aircraft which looked much different from the normal contrails. Mr. Thomas research gave birth to a series of conspiracy theories whose unifying factor is based on the belief that some kind of chemical or biological agent is being secretly released by aircrafts in the skies for either weather modification, biological testing or military purposes.

While right now we have no definite proof on whether governments like the American one have a direct involvement in this operations, many of the "chemtrails conspiracists" argue that the weather modification track has indeed some interesting facts to it. In particular the strong desire to be able to modify weather conditions via unconventional methods was clearly in the minds of US legislators who approved and enacted the Weather Modification Research & Technology Act in 2005.

The chemtrails phenomenon is not localized only in the US. Many witnesses around the world keep on documenting and reporting chemtrails with pictures, medical reports and suits to local municipalities but with little, or I should say, inexistent coverage from the mainstream media.

This is particularly worrisome as, increasingly, chemtrails reports from different parts of the globe include cases of illness and other unpleasant mental and bodily symptoms from civilians living in areas below the sprayed area.

Here is the most interesting data I was able to collect on the topic, while remaining objective, and searching both for "conspiracists views" as well as for more conservative ones.


When did it start?

The first researches about chemtrails were conducted by William Thomas, a professional working journalist who first reported on chemtrails for the Environment News Service in the winter of 1997 and since then, thousands of websites have appeared claiming various theories and agendas behind a phenomenon witnessed in the skies over 14 nations.

Thomas noted that chemtrail samples were analyzed and revealed that they contained many deadly and toxic pathogens including Mycoplasma Fermetens Incognitus (the same bioengineered pathogen that Dr Garth Nicholson of the Institute of Molecular Medicine had discovered in about 45% of the veterans who came down with Gulf War Illness).

Thomas found that Mycoplasma, however, was only one pathogen among a group of highly toxic substances analyzed from the chemtrail residues. Williams also released a downloadable documentary on chemtrails explaining his theory in details.

Thomas' study of chemtrails took place some years before the US Congress approved the Weather Modification Research & Technology Act in 2005 in which the American government stated its purpose to promote artificial interventions to modify weather conditions.

Pro-chemtrail theories


Other than the studies that were conducted by William Thomas, many interested individuals have also made various speculations on chemtrails; some of them elaborated the following theories to support the conspiracy suspicions that underpin chemtrails:

  1. Atmospheric and weather modification

    The greater majority of conspiracy theorists believe that chemtrails are used to change the chemical composition of the atmosphere in order to alter the weather conditions of certain countries. Even though these theorists believe that this procedure might not necessarily be based on negative intentions, they are concerned about the fact that this procedure is perpetrated without the consent of the population.

  2. Biological warfare

    Some theorists think that chemtrails are part of an experiment to create biological warfare. However, it is not clear why such experiment should be conducted on innocent civilians and how could the promoters themselves survive those experiments (unless they have been vaccinated or they are somehow immune to them).

  3. Mind control or occult purposes

    Since some civilians have reported suffering from strong headaches and experiencing symptoms of mental imbalances, some theorists (mostly anonymous) alleged that chemtrails are nothing else but chemical elements that alter mind abilities.

  4. System to counter the effects of global warming

    Motivated by the statement of Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen, who suggested injecting chemical elements in the atmosphere to fight the so called Greenhouse effect (of which I will speak in the next paragraphs), certain theorists believe that chemtrails are chemical agents that are supposed to positively impact the atmosphere and reduce global warming.

  5. Create a cheap wireless communications network for the military

    Some independent researchers also theorized the possibility that chemtrails are part of an experiment aimed at building a wireless communication network for the military that would be completely based on chemical agents dispersed in the atmosphere.

  6. Experiments conducted by aliens

    Some theorists also believe that in reality, the dispersion of chemtrails might be the consequence of experiments conducted by aliens on earth. This is because some witnesses claim that they have seen UFOs appearing in the sky right after the dispersion of chemtrails.

Skeptical opinions


Skeptics, including the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, assert that contrails normally show a wide variation in appearance and that the descriptions and photographs of "chemtrails" are perfectly consistent with those of ordinary contrails. They also propose various objections to the idea of chemtrails which I report here:

  • Depending on what the alleged purpose of the chemtrail spraying would be, spray released above 30,000 feet is likely to be highly unpredictably dispersed due to high-altitude winds.
  • How do aircraft accused of depositing "chemtrails" manage to pass inspection without the deception being discovered?
  • Assuming drugging the population is the purpose, the people behind the conspiracy would breathe the same air the population breathes, so any harm inflicted on the population would also be inflicted on those in charge of the conspiracy, unless they were made immune through vaccinations.
  • Official and governmental bodies have consistently denied the existence of such spraying

The International Space Station reported seeing "trails" all the time, except when airplanes are not flying, as it happened in the days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Here is the report from September 14th, 2001:

"Three days after suicide airplane hijackers toppled the World Trade Center in New York and slammed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the station crew noted an obvious absence of airborne jetliners from their perch 240 miles (384 kilometers) above Earth. 'I'll tell you one thing that's really strange: Normally when we go over the U.S., the sky is like a spider web of contrails,' U.S. astronaut and outpost commander Frank Culbertson told flight controllers at NASA's Mission Control Center in Houston. 'And now the sky is just about completely empty. There are no contrails in the sky,' he added. 'It's very, very weird. I hadn't thought of that perspective,' fellow astronaut Cady Coleman replied."

Source: Station Crew Notes Absence of American Air Traffic in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

Chemtrails in the media and scientific publications

An article published on March 7th, 2001 by Traci Watson in USA Today (which has been updated some weeks ago) described the "chemtrail" phenomenon. The author quoted Patrick Minnis of NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA, who said "If you try to pin these people down and refute things you're just part of the conspiracy ... Logic is not exactly a real selling point for most of them.'' Watson also wrote that "The cloud-forming contrails that conspiracy theorists find so ominous are 'perfectly natural and the odd grid and parallel-line patterns are easily explained as contrails blown together by the wind, scientists say.

In the past few years also major media networks have been enticed by the phenomenon of chemtrails. The American NBC has been the first to release a video documentary entitled "Toxic Sky?", entirely dedicated to chemtrails. You can also watch it here:

However, the most important media event related to chemtrails that has happened up to now is the Discovery Channel special documentary on "Chemical Contrails" aired in the US on February 22nd, 2007. The show extensively covered the topic of chemtrails, featuring a conversation with original chemtrail investigator Thomas Williams, as well as many other chemtrail researchers and debunkers.

An interest in air pollution has also been expressed by scientific magazines such as the Chemical & Engineering News, which published an interview with Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen. The subject of the interview was the Greenhouse effect and the possible ways to fix it. Professor Crutzen declared: "The world might need to radically combat global warming by deliberately injecting a small volcanic eruption's worth of planet-cooling sulfur into the stratosphere." at a global warming conference at the Porter School for Environmental Studies in Tel Aviv.

Nonetheless, the idea of using sulfur to combat global warming raised many controversies, since most scientists agree that this will further cause more floods, desertification, heatwaves and rising sea levels. Some critics and environmental groups declared that Crutzen's idea should at least be taken into consideration, and that the phenomenon of chemtrails might be the consequence of an experiment that draws back to this theory.

Similar phenomena

The evidence that the chemtrails theory is a hoax has been sometimes supported by reporting on similar phenomena that have already taken place.

As an example, NASA has admitted discharging trimethylaluminum (TMA) into the air above the Atlantic Ocean, as part of a 2003 project to study the ionosphere, creating linear man-made clouds which glowed in the night sky before dispersing.

Also, fertilizers and pesticides are sprayed over large fields from low flying aircrafts. In the Vietnam War, the defoliant Agent Orange was sprayed in order to remove the leaves from the trees.

Furthermore, in the War on Drugs, as part of Plan Colombia, the United States has been spraying the herbicide Roundup over Colombian coca fields.


William Thomas research, which started 10 years ago, brought to the attention of many the issue of airborne cloud trails created and deployed over large human populated areas which were not apparently officialized missions from any government or authority.

To this day we have little in the way to understand who is responsible for these activities and for what purposes they are being conducted.

The goal of this article was only to provide some initial research material and references to help a greater number of people to analyze, further research and help shed extra light on what chemtrails really are.

As the number of visual reports and news on this story increases, it is my duty as a reporter to investigate the issue and to try to bring to light as much factual and objective information as I can.

Who can do the most though in helping everyone understand more whether chemtrails are a complete hoax or whether there is good reason to worry about them is YOU. With your own ability to further research, check, and look up in the skies you can help a great deal everyone else find out how serious or ridiculous this phenomenon really is.

My invitation is not to have a prejudice, whether pro or con against this topic. Go out to the number of links I have offered you above and check with a skeptical eye the info and reports available. Check different sources. Traditional and not. Ask the BBC. Search Google. Check the blogs. Get informed anywhere and anyway you can.

Feel free to share your informed discoveries, facts and references in the Comments area at the end of this article. The only way we can find out more, is by asking more questions and by sharing all of our discoveries.

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Originally written by Livia Iacolare for Master New Media and first published as: "Chemtrails: What They Are And What We Know About Them"

Livia Iacolare -
Readers' Comments    
2012-09-30 13:20:36


Just a FYI: Chemtrails are only in NATO countries. I heard a news statement a while back that said Alzheimers would be 50-60 by 2050 in U.S.A. How did they figure this out? Alunimum nano particles are in the chemtrails and cause Alzheimers. Follow this link: . They spray constantly here in Missouri. I'm now getting constant headaches (migraines and nausea) which I never had before. I have a video of my outside light at night and you can see all the particles swarming. It was winter and I lives miles from the city. We the people of the planet should come together and try to fight this.

2011-05-06 22:23:59


"To this day we have little in the way to understand who is responsible for these activities and for what purposes they are being conducted."
I just wanted to say that this paragraph that you wrote in the article speaks volumes to me. I believe that we would be readily informed as to "who" is responsible for these activities...if there was a simple, honest explanation!


2011-03-30 11:29:32

Dorothy Nowak

Lecture on Geoengineering/Chemtrails

April 9th, 2011, 10 am -2pm
388 Atlantic Avenue

info @

2011-03-25 05:49:00

Adrian Reid

I remember back in the 70's I was about 10 years old seeing what my father described jokingly SkyScrapers. Back then we would see 6-10 a DAY. Now. Yesterday I counted 8 in flight and about 20 plus trails from previous passes in only ten minutes. I even joked with my colleague at the time by saying "Look at the pretty patterns in the sky" in the hope that I could spark some kind of debate but I was struck by his apparent immunity to the whole thing as if he had been conditioned into thinking this was normal. I was of course shocked by this thought that we may today all be programmed into thinking that this is Normal!

2011-01-07 19:37:24

dwayne shavargo

I can’t believe there are still some ppl that are defending the government and saying that there is no such thing and that what everyone is seeing are simply contrails. That would be a totally plausible explanation if there wasn’t already leaked gov documents outlining how and why they are spraying chemtrails over the air (a rel=nofollow href=”http://www.holmestead.cachemtrailschemtrails.html”thisa does a pretty good job of explaining it.) It’s called the HAARP project, and is built on the concepts of radio frequency radiation that Tesla was getting into before he diedwas killed. Apparently, what the planes are releasing are barium salts, which (with the help of microwave energy) can manipulate anything from the weather to varying life forms in the environment. This is also most likely the reason why certain species of birds and fish have been dying recently. If you see planes making a criss coss pattern or contrails that linger for half a day or so when in relatively dry environments, you’re most likely witnessing chemtrails being dispersed. My friend lives in Arizona where it’s extremely dry year around, and just last month he caught a pic on his home security camera a group of planes making a crosshatch type formation (a rel=nofollow href=””home securitya chemtrails pics).

2010-08-19 01:58:07


Has anyone noticed that they have stopped for the Summer? About the same time that the spraying stopped- I heard on a news report that there was going to be an investigation into the missing honey bees. I also saw and interview with a bee keeper that was blaming chem trails for the missing bees. I find this curious...

2010-04-26 00:13:54

liam james

i have pictures and iphone video of two planes flying together large aircraft the one air craft was spraying what appeared to be liquid or powder i thought it may have been a aircraft in distress although nothing was reported,this was late afternoon in nyc i noticed it due to a large crowd of commuters at manhattan were pointing towards it and watching it, i would like to show it if your interested contact me at

2009-11-17 22:48:05


I live in western NY, over this last summer, I have photographed so very many chemtrails. But as I read the comments posted here, something came to mind that I had forgotten. I was in Geneseo, NY one night in August, and as my better half and I were walking to our car at a local shopping center, we watched what looked like a chemical(white dry powdery substance) raining falling on the area. That day we had watched the sky being filled, all day, with airplane exhaust or what ever it is. I am so worried... How can we get the truth? When will someone stand up for our right to know? How can we band together and find the answers we deserve, and quite frankly owed? Will someone come forward and take the lead towards the truth? I pray that these answers don't come too late.

2009-08-19 10:31:34


This is weird

2009-06-16 23:42:05

Ronald Modra

Just before we were told that there would be an outbreak of deadly flu in Chile the skies over Santiago showed a different color at sunset and a powdery blue every day, especially in the morning.
The nights were unusually warm as though there were a canopy stopping the heat from the ground escaping and the cold coming in from upper levels at night, which gave us a global warming effect. Then it happened, everyone was coughing and spitting and experiencing irritations of throat and lungs.
Roche started seeing their shares go through the roof for Tamiflu.
Could the chemtrails be seeded at night and disperse by dawn if they wanted even more secrecy?

Editorial manager, local newspaper.
Santiago, Chile

2009-05-24 12:44:22


I am in Dublin City today: 60 plus usaf jets spraying their poison. THERE is no justifictaion for this at all.

These are high altitude which warm the earth, Low altitude cumulus real clouds cool the earth. These are the reason for global warming.

The entire united states air force has been reconfigured to release this stuff world wide. I counted 50 usaf jets attcking Dublin today by 3:00 PM. And thats what this is: A chemical attack by the us air force on civilians. Its terror at its worst.

2009-03-31 22:55:25


i first learned of chemtrails after doing A LOT of research on the present finacial crisis. Though the two have nothing to do with each other I stumbled on to chemtrails because I was trying to fiigure out why this market was acting like nothing I'd ever seen before and this was early 2007. My search led me to an economic histroy of oppression, terrorism, and out right Imperial fascism that was conveniently left out of our history books. The evidence is real and notthat hard to find, but you have to look.

I've noticed these chemtrails for many years but Today was the wildest day I've ever seen!! in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

Full clear skies, great visibility, chemtrails galore.
They started early in the morning with straight line criss crossing, triangular formation and even a three line star. In each case the cloud expanded out of thin air, was blasted with low frequence ELF and disappeared. The weird thing is that they were not moving. None of the clouds were moving. They appear slowly misty and get thicker then disappear with primarily symetric holes in the middle. Then start the whole process again. I saw about 60 planes criss cross the sky and only one of them was a real contrail. I could recognize it easily as I have been an avid sky watcher and aircraft enthusiast since I was 10yrs old. It was amazing to see the whole process from start to finsh taking about 20 to 30 minutes. Partial rain bows too. The ripple effect at the edge of the clouds is very apparent in all the pics I've seen and this day was no exception. I attribute the wave like structuring of the clouds to the low frequency ELF.

Now the most important part, my son has a weird sore throat, my wife is wiped out tired and I'm having a mental brain cloud or that feeling your going in and out of normal time frames???

Dear God please save America and all the good people of the world from the Imperial threat.

2009-03-19 10:24:31


They are back in spades today.
Every day is worse than the day before this week. This morning they started before dawn and are spraying 5 planes in a row criss crossing each other. Like your picture of Vegas. The high desert is being ruined.

2008-11-30 10:41:10


Been being $prayed over Birmingham, England, UK. Metal particles in rain water, sometimes smells, white sky throughout the night, orangered sky, I found webby glue-like substance on my clothes. Orgonite chembusters should remove chemtrails, using Orgone energy. This site tells you how to make one, as well as some additional information on other Orgonite devices and Orgonite: WWW.ORGONITE.INFO

2008-11-27 10:41:37


I woke up this morning in Franklin Tennessee USA to see dozens of chemtrails forming a definite pattern over Franklin and Nashville

2008-08-25 20:31:07


I live in Portland, Oregon and i have seen many chemtrails sense the Georgia incident. and i am by no means new to observing so i didn't confuse them with contrails.

2008-08-21 22:15:07

Judith Hickok

Judy H. here again. They stopped the chemtrails over California's high desert the day Russia invaded Georgia. I have yet to see even one. If this is anything like the Cuban missle crisis, then all the planes are on Red Alert on the tarmac. I for one sure don't know what is going on. At this point in time, I wouldn't even venture a guess. It is just a relief to have our beautiful blue skies back again.

2008-08-04 05:49:04

Just me

Thanks a lot for this site. It's been a pain getting any information about the things we've been experiencing. I live in the Netherlands and the spraying has been very heavy for a couple of months now. Before that i hadn't really noticed. Do noticed the trails but no suspicion....

Being a fanatic sailor I'm used watching the Sky's. What I've seen defies all normal sense. Every morning clear blue skies and at 7 they start. The entire day cloudy, not the great sky's you see on the paintings from the dutch masters but a low hanging grey blur of clouds. When the wind gains and the "clouds" break you can see a huge chessboard up in the sky. Also seen the partial rainbows.

But also we experience weather as never seen before. Last night we had the first really big Tornado in Holland ever!!! Huge damage and some casualties. Very local thunderstorms and very heavy gusts of wind.

Also noticed a huge amount of antennas being placed all over. Every week there are more of them...

Well keep it up and I'll make my effort to get the word out!

Good luck...

2008-06-13 21:45:54


Check out for a lot more info. Also you people should be aware of all the fluoride thats in your water and the risks of it. Theres chemicals in the foods you eat, in the waters you drink and very air you breathe.

2008-05-25 12:08:09


Governement, military and corporations are doing alot on patents and researches on this climate change issue. Are we playing God ?

2008-04-30 14:43:41

Marcie Martinez

Thanks for this web site. Even though it is very politically correct, it's nice to see an "objective" site. I'm pretty sure the chemtrails are not contrails and I'm fairly certain they're bad. I think it's the hope in me that thinks maybe they're not. I know I'm wrong.

I noticed (here in NM) that there were no chemtrails for a good little while. I forgot about the grounding of flights. That had to have been why. Unfortunately they started back up here a couple of days FULL FORCE. I didn't notice today but yesterday became cloudy.

Good point about the bees. Our food supply (as toxic as it already is) is greatly at risk. It's just so sad.

2008-04-28 15:42:18

Robin Good

Rob, Lisa, Judith, Denise: thank you for your candid feedback and reporting.

It is very valuable.

Get me some more pictures of what you see there. Good photos of before and after give good proof to others of something we all have in front of our eyes but just can't see.

Make sure for example that you take shots in the same day before and after the spraying and in some of the photos you do include some building or natural milestone that let's see some of the context in which this has been taken.

I am more than willing to create a small gallery of what comes up in order to help everyone see and judge with their own eyes.

2008-04-28 13:49:33

rob canerday

After two weeks of beautiful, clear, chemtrail FREE skies over southern California and Nevada, the chemtrails are back today with a vengeance.

Looks like the FAA conducted the emergency airline inspections in order to install more sprayers on the planes that didn't have any yet...

2008-04-25 08:33:51


I am just coming to know about chemtrails. My 4 year old daughter this morning pointed out 2 trails over our house in the east...right where the sun is rising and most people don't look.

I read something interesting here about MYCOPLASMA as perhaps one of the agents being dispersed. My 10 year old came down with a suspected case of it a few weeks ago. Never heard of it before that time. It truly wiped her out for 3 weeks and included a trip to the ER.
Has anyone else had any MYCOPLASMA experience?

Look, I am a skeptic at heart, and don't trust what we are force fed through the general media, so I am really interested in what and who is behind these chemtrails.

2008-04-22 19:42:59

Judith H

Yes, we noticed also. The skies are blue and beautiful just like they used to be. We also were wondering this afternoon why all of a sudden they have stopped. Fuel prices maybe? Only kidding, don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

2008-04-20 23:52:43

rob canerday

Ever since the FAA forced all those "emergency" inspections on the airlines last week...there are NO more chemtrails over Southern California. Anyone else notice their trails are missing?

2008-04-18 15:44:54


Has anyone noticed the absence of chemtrails in their area since we had all the major airline inspections last week?

I live in LA and they are gone as of last Sunday.

I think they pulled the plug. Our skies haven't been this pretty for this long in years.

Why did they stop chemtrails NOW?

And why did they start them in the first place?

Why the extra hard and fast effort to get the sprayers off all the planes?

What's up?????

2008-04-06 17:46:34


I also live in California, near Palm Springs. There have been many mornings with no wind, a day after spraying my car will be covered with sparkley dust

2008-03-22 19:47:53

Judith H

One other thing, about the bees. Last year we had thousands come to our locust trees and they all started falling out of the air dead and dying. We are organic gardeners and do not use anything toxic on our land. we tried to contact authorities but no one was interested. I wonder if these chemtrails could be the cause of all the poor bees dying.

2008-03-22 19:33:32


We live in California high desert and started to really notice the jets in the last couple of months. They are completely obliterating the sun in the morning. They start before sun up and just go crazy all morning. It has dawned on us finally that something terrible is going on. I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but go out at night with a flashlight and look at the air. It is filled with fine fragments that look like someone has kicked up dust. Whatever can we do to stop these monsters?

2008-03-22 02:14:53


I've been thinking the same thing. The spraying is killing the bees.

Anyone know if China is having bee problems? The chinese aren't conducting an aerosol program, from what I've heard.

They got enough poisoning in their food, and who knows what else.

2008-03-09 21:13:31



2008-03-02 18:41:14

alex seymour

Announcing two new YouTube videos and our new website.

Please check out my new videos I made on YouTube:

Talk Jock Silences Chemtrails

Chemtrails: Get The Word Out

We also have a new website:

Pass it on and Thank you!!!
Alex Seymour

2008-02-27 17:56:26

D. Atella

I am in West Palm Beach Florida, and the spraying that I am observing on a daily basis verges on unbeleivable!
Every day the sky is completly saturated with chemtrails...
I have tried contacting the Govt. as well as the F.A.A.
and I am getting nowhere!
This has got to stop...
I cannot even open my windows on such a beautiful South Florida day!
Most people are completely unawares of what is being sprayed on us....
I see people coughing all the time lately.....
I don't care what "they" say...this is part of the plan to Di-populate the world!
Ok...I've said enough...
One last thing......
Instead of just observing what is going on, let's start calling "them", and lets become vocal in putting a stop to this poisoning of our skies, our air, and our health!

2008-01-22 20:22:55

lou gemini

Hello everybody, I just want to express my concern about sprayings happening over the city of Queretaro, Mexico, january 2008. Is this a Global situation?, I don't get why mexico, and a city like ours would be part of this activities. Do you have any idea why this is ocurring?, thanks.

2008-01-15 11:46:05

Ken D. Webber

I am a retired Marine. The secret to the chemtrails is that they are releasing certain chemicals into the air to create a "Lens" that allows them to monitor the launch of nuclear weapons OVER the horizon as an early warning system. Without it we are sitting ducks for the Russian Topol-M. The problem is that the chemicals released are toxic and cancerous and it is illegal to release them. It's bad EITHER WAY. Those in power would rather risk cancer over nuclear annihilation. The better solution of course is to STOP BEING A WARMONGERING ASSHOLE NATION to other countries and learn the difference between brotherly love and spreading FEAR among the other nations.

2008-01-10 20:13:29

Pat Hynes

I spent two days this week, Jan. 7th and 8th, 2008...taking pictures of these chemtrails. With all the jets and military that go over here...I have never seen this before. A blue sky turned stormy looking when jet after jet kept coming from all directions and leaving these long chemtrails. They would get larger and wispy, or feathery, and have a leading edge like a wave on the beach. Some left grid formations and X formations. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After taking about 70 photos..and sending some to family and friends...I got no response. Even my husband told me that was normal. I am not a stupid person, and I think it is clearly evident something is being tested in the skies. And what awes me most is the no care attitude that people are having. I'm feeling very frustrated. I can email photos to anyone who wants to see them.

2008-01-10 01:00:59


I'm very alarmed at the increasing number of chemtrails in the NYC area. What's really strange is that they hang up there as obvious as a floating pink elephant, but nobody seems to see them. When I point them out to people, their eyes just glaze over, and they go back to doing what they're doing. I have to tell you, I'm VERY frightened. On a recent plane trip, I saw the chemtrails from above them. They formed lines with bumpy tops that went on for miles and miles. The scariest thing was when I saw a plane below ours going in the opposite direction spewing the white stuff. It too, went on for miles and then feathered out. Yet there was another plane in the same airspace, and nothing came out of it. So much for the ice crystal theory. I am terrified as to what is going on up there.

2008-01-06 21:43:17


I live in Fort Worth, Tx. Today was a fairly warm sunny day, we were celebrating my grandson's birthday. We were outside watching as Chemtrails were criss-crossing the sky for about an hour and a half. There were also commercials planes flying over but none of them left the trails. We counted at least 16 to 18 in that hour and a half that we were watching, then the sky got dark & cloudy.Everytime I have seen these, seems alot of people get sick within a couple of days.

2007-12-18 08:07:16


how do they hide the chemical tanks on the aircraft and on the ground, it seems it would take a lot of chemical to produce such large trails I work on airport storage tanks and have never seen unusual tanks or pipwork. in australia we dont see many military jets, so all the trails we observe are from domestic flights ??? it is possible however that these trails are having an effect on global warming by storing heat that would normally rise and leave the atmosphere, more research necessary, yes, alien mind experiments, I dont believe.

2007-11-16 14:31:44

A. Roberts

I was just outside on what is essentially a cloudless day in downtown Houston, except that there are clouds, and they're all in a straight line. That is, they aren't clouds, they were sprayed from aircraft from about an hour before when I was leaving my building(first off, they are too low to be contrails, which evaporate, and second, these are just above the buildings and contrail phenomena occur at very high altitudes, third, these trails are expanding, not evaporating). The lines are laid out in crosses, grids, and the creepiest part of it is that in the center of one cross-section I spotted what appeared to be a rainbow, but not the full spectrum, just green and red, and this indicates that the contents of the vapors are crystalline (reflecting sunlight) and the so-called chemical soup being generated is anyone's guess. And the most bizarre aspect of watching this was the fact that nobody on the streets was even remotely aware of what was happening above their own heads, all of them lost in their own private fantasies (it reminded me of Morpheus and Neo in the simulation program where business people are crossing the street). Weird.

2007-11-13 01:19:54

dave rawlings

A point that no one ever seems to raise; I remember a time when these grids in the sky did not exist. Sure, the brief contrails existed, but not the day-long spraying and eventual obliteration of the clear blue sky. This is not a "conspiracy theory," but rather an observable fact. Please get real with your mis-characterization of those who see as being "conspiracists."

2007-11-05 00:25:53

mikhel kmita

5th november 2007.. today i collected a sample of what i think is chemtrail.. on the sunshine coast australia... you are welcome to it... reply to my email...

2007-10-13 21:43:02


Saturday Oct 13th, I awoke at 0800am and noticed long chemtrails being left behind by aircraft flying at high altitude. These trails lingered for the longest time and eventually they got wider and wider and just dispersed throughout the sky. All day long till sunset I watched aircraft fly overhead, leaving behind this chemtrails, eventually there was so many of this trails that they formed a huge cloud, looked like a white mist. This happened in the State of New Mexico and by the way there was zero clouds in the sky when this was happening.

2007-06-05 16:50:45

Robin Good

I like your feedback and your skepticism.

I have editorially directed this article to be extremely balanced because, Livia, who is a new young editor working here at Master New Media, needs to develop further her character and personality, before jumping on such a topic with her personal view.

In this way I wanted to cover something that I felt badly needed some extra coverage, while exercising our growing talent at being as politically correct as possible.

The result was that we exposed some of our readers to something they had hardly heard about before, but we came in short in satisfying the deeper truth that many of you, true thinkers, would have liked to read.

Thanks for shooting straight at our weakness. I like to learn and you have given us an extra opportunity to do so.

2007-06-05 15:44:46


Your article is completely naive and overly politically correct - so much so, that I suspect simply more disinformation and covering up (NOT good Good). Polite tripe. Wake up and smell the chemical and biological reality above and on our heads daily; this is ongoing and REAL. There are no ‘theories’ anymore, only facts. Look at the evidence gathered by scientists. Do it quickly, or we ALL will be waving goodbye to each other - deep inside a cancer ward. Open your chemically affected eyes - visit;

2007-05-19 06:44:53


News on italian television

2007-05-08 23:39:17


Growing up on a farm in south Dakota, I used to see these contrails all the time. I would look up with the scope of my rifle and see B52's flying at a high altitude. Some days the coulds would go away quickly and other days they would last for a long time. I always assumed it depended on the weather conditions of the day.

Interesting subject. I'm a bit of a skeptic.


2007-03-15 04:16:00


Here's some more info: Brian Dunning's Skeptoid podcast on chemtrails.

Read about it or listen to it here:

posted by Robin Good on Saturday, March 10 2007, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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