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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mobile Services: Best New Media Tools Of The Week - Sharewood Picnic 87

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Looking for the latest and most interesting tools and services to use with your new mobile phone? In this issue of Robin Good's Sharewood Picnic the spotlight is on mobile services and tools and I am happy to bring to you the very best we found online in this last few weeks. If you are into mobile phones or have a friend that wants to extract the best from them here is a set of great little tools worthwhile knowing about.

  1. Mobile application by Yahoo! lets you access news, maps and email from anywhere
  2. Mobile multimedia broadcast network allows you to create your media channel via your phone
  3. P2P software for mobile phones lets you access open P2P networks and download music, videos and pictures
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  5. Mobile video portal lets you watch videos that are on the Web straight on your mobile phone
  6. Mobile application enables you to make free calls with VoIP and send IM to other users at no extra cost
  7. Mobile internet accessibility service lets you surf the web on your mobile device making web pages more accessible
  8. Mobile search engine lets you find cheap flights from you mobile device
  9. Photo captioning service for mobile phones enables you to add graphics to your pictures straight from your mobile
  10. Social networking service for mobile phones lets you share information with people via SMS
  11. Mobile messaging platform that gives content owners the ability to publish mobile content

  1. Yahoo Go!


    Yahoo Go! is an application optimized for mobile phones that truly makes it easy and fun to access the Internet. You can use the various Yahoo! Go widgets to check the weather, keep tabs on your teams, examine your stocks, and keep up with your favorite news sources, blogs and more from all across the Web. You can access all kinds of local news or get maps and directions to wherever you need to go. Free to use.

  2. JuiceCaster
    JuiceCaster is a multimedia personal broadcast network that you can access from your mobile phone. You can create a "JuiceCast" (which is any picture, video, audio or text message that you create and distribute over the JuiceCaster Network) and share video, audio, photos and text on your phone and virtually anywhere on the Internet. With a single click, you can post your JuiceCasts directly to blogs, photo-sharing sites like Flickr, and personal sites like MySpace. Free to use.

  3. PeerBox Mobile
    PeerBox Mobile is a software that lets you access open P2P networks from your mobile. You can search and download music, videos and pictures. It is also possible to record a song or any part of it and PeerBox Mobile will recognize it for you. Additionally, you will be able to listen to millions of songs licensed from labels. Check out the list of the supported mobile phones. Free download.

  4. YourVids
    YourVids is the first mobile internet portal dedicated to mobile video clips. With YourVids the clips can be posted and viewed at the same time from wherever you are with your mobile. Using YourVids, the mobile phone simultaneously becomes the sender and receiver. The only thing you need is an internet enabled phone. Free to use.

  5. Fring
    Fring is a 3G mobile application that allows you to make free mobile calls and send instant messages to other Fring users and PC based VoIP services (such as Skype and Google Talk) at no extra cost beyond your existing data plan. All you need to use Fring is a 3G handset optimized for 3G networks (check the supported devices). Fring can be downloaded into your handset via SMS received from another user or from Fring website. Free to use.

  6. PHONifier
    PHONifier is a service that is aimed at automatically stripping webpages of unnecessary code. It can be used to surf the web on your mobile device or to make RSS feeds accessible on your mobile phone or PDA. You just need to set PHONifier as your mobile homepage and surf the web through the PHONifier proxy. Alternatively, you can install the PHONifier script on your server to have it automatically update your webpages when a mobile device tries to access them. Free to use.

  7. SkyScanner
    SkyScanner is a mobile search engine for cheap flights. SkyScanner does not sell the tickets; instead it refers you to the website of the airline or travel agent where you purchase your tickets. To get the full functionality of the SkyScanner website you should use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox. Free to use.

  8. PhotoCrank
    PhotoCrank is a service that lets you add graphics and captions to mobile photos directly from you mobile phone. You need to take a picture with your mobile phone and text it to PhotoCrank. PhotoCrank returns your photo layered with the caption you have selected, and you will be able to store your cranked photo in your phone and use it just like any other photo. Free sign up.

  9. Vixo
    Vixo is a service that lets you share information with people via SMS. When you trust someone about a topic, you will be able to exchange messages with that person. You will also be able to pass along the message to anyone who trusts you about that topic. You can use Vixo to organize anything from nights out to club events. You will only be charged the standard rate for sending messages; receiving them is free, and you will never get unsolicited messages. Free sign up.

  10. Msgme
    Msgme is a mobile messaging platform that gives content owners the ability to publish mobile content. The web interface makes self-publishing effortless and gives content owners the power to create mobile campaigns, customize their content delivery and send broadcast messages to their friends and customers. Set up your company, event, brand name, band, or nickname as a keyword. This will be the mobile address that users will text to Msgme to receive your content. The standard service is free (check out pricing). Free sign up.

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good -
Readers' Comments    
2007-06-14 12:21:03

Mobile Phones

Do you believe that the new Iphone from Macintosh will make some of these sites obsolete (at least eventually)? So many of these such as Phonifier or the mobile yahoo site are based on the principle that they can shrink the internet to a size that is mobile-manageable. But the commercials I’ve seen for the Iphone are really hyping the fact that the screen is large enough so that you are accessing a version of the internet but rather THE internet (as they phrase it). It does seem to me that there are two possible eventualities for mobiles. For the most part, companies are rushing to find ways to slim the internet down. But if the hardware changes to the point where larger screens are available (or consider, for instance, the possibility of some kind of holographic display that could be as big as a normal computer screen), then all the slimming down will be for naught.

2007-05-27 18:27:05

Mobile Phones

What a fantastic list of mobile applications. I read recently that in Asia more people are now using their mobile phones to access the internet than are using traditional PCs, and based on this list, it is easy to see not only why this would be but why this may soon be a trend in the west as well. All of these applications seem like great time-savers and useful sites, but I think the one that struck me most was the Phonifier. The ability to strip standard website code down to a form that can be accessed via mobile devices seems to me the key ingredient necessary to bridge the gap between what we’ve come to recognize as web content and more mobile-accessible information. Obviously no site wants to produce two versions of its content (though for some larger companies – like Yahoo – it is cost-effective to do so); a filter system that works as an adaptor seems like the ideal solution.

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