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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Network Neutrality: What It Is, Why It Is Important, What You Can Do About It

Net neutrality remains a hot topic in 2007 as the US congress discusses again around whether providing truly equal access to every publisher on the Internet will remain a fundamental right or whether those having greater financial capabilities can rule a preferred distribution highway for themselves.

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As reported by the NY Times, Just two days ago two US senators have introduced legislation in support of Net Neutrality:

"Waiting just four days into the new 110th Congress, Senators Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) introduced legislation today to impose network neutrality conditions on broadband carriers.

The bill, known as the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, would prohibit broadband carriers from discriminatory practices such as pricing in handling traffic from Internet content, application and service providers.

The legislation would also require carriers to offer consumers individual broadband service that is not bundled with television or telephone service."

For those of you who haven't followed the issue of net neutrality until now as well as for those who are eager to learn more about the problems and consequences that adverse net neutrality legislation would bring about, here are three video clips that may just give provide the extra insight, motivation and overview you were looking for.



Introduction to Net Neutrality - Save the

This is a great video clip if you don't know anything about Net Neutrality and you want to get briefed about it in the simplest and most rapid way.

Duration: 3:55"

Human Lobotomy - Foureyedmonsters
Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary

What can you do? Spread awareness, make media and let everyone know what net neutrality is and who is attacking it. In this very nice video edited by Arin Crumley you get both a clear picture of the incommensurable damage that adverse net neutrality legislation would generate as well as a crystal clear example of what, those of you living in the US can do today to support true Internet neutrality.

Duration: 10'

Senator Dorgan Introduction to Bill S 215

Sen. Byron Dorgan says he introduced the bipartisan "Net Neutrality Act" (S. 215) to protect the Internet's promise to foster the "ultimate in democracy" and to stop the online market grab by large phone and cable companies seeking to impose new tolls on the Web. (source:

Duration: 1' 48"

One-minute opinion: Newsweek Steven Levy on Net Neutrality

In this micro-clip, Andy Pessler of vlog captures Newsweek journalist Steven Levy's view on the importance of net neutrality legislation preserving unfettered access to small independent publishers.

Duration: 1' 16"

On his blog Pessler writes:

"Here Newsweek's Steven Levy comes down in favor of the regulation ... all ¬Ľ because it evens the playing field of the Internet. So much of the value of the Internet is in its 'come one, come all' format - any grassroots or organic company, non profit or movement can gain traction and visibility and rise up to compete with the largest and most visible Internet companies.

When money enters the picture, that dynamic changes to the detriment of those that do not have it.

In that so much of the Internet is user generated content and smaller companies (ahem - the Long Tail) the Net Neutrality outcome has important implications for vlogs like Beet.TV."

Breaking news on Net Neutrality from around the web

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