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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Video Publishing Online: Where To Share Your Video Clips On The Web

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Where can you publish your video clips online? This mini-guide of online video sharing sites should give you a good reference to find your preferred online video publishing outlet.

Photo credit: Stephen Coburn

Online video sharing sites allow anyone connected to the web to easily upload digital video recordings so that these clips can be viewed by other people. Online video sharing sites have become a high in-demand online type of service because they allow small independent publishers the ability to publish video files of almost any size without problems.

Normally, bloggers and other small independent publishers have only a limited amount of space on their web service provider server to upload additional files to be published on their web site. While this space maybe quite extensive for publishing hundreds of photos or audio files in mp3 format, video files can easily inflate to be several tens of megabytes each, if not hundreds, depending on video quality and length.

Consider for example that a video clip of someone singing a song, of about 5 minutes, recorded with a standard consumer camcorder and saved from Windows Movie Maker / iMovie for web publication (say at 320 x 240 size and with a 512 Kbps data rate) can easily take up 20-30 megabytes.

As you can see, the resolution of the video (that is the video window size at which the video is encoded - generally measured in pixels) and the "data rate" (that is the amount of information that the video can send out to real-time viewers when played back - this is measured in the same unit as your net connection, Kbps (Kilobits per second), and in fact the video clips that you would like to publish on the web should be encoded at a "data rate" matching your typical reader connection speed) are two key factors that influence in a very significant way both the way your video "looks", as well as the "size" of its file.

While having a video that is viewable in a bigger window and "looks" sharper (more defined) are qualities that need no other explanation, the issue of "file size" may not be obvious to all.

The problem, when having a large file to be hosted on your web site just like any video clip would be, is two-fold:

a) If you are uploading that video file to your own server or to an online video sharing service that does not support video streaming, your viewers will have to first download the whole video before they can actually watch it.

b) If your readers like your video and come in hundreds or thousands to view it, you are going to be using a lot of "bandwidth", that is, a lot of "data" will have to be served from your server to each one of your viewers. Problem is, that when you have a standard web site or blog, for which you pay a little hosting fee a month to an Internet Provider, you are paying for a very limited amount of that bandwidth, which is indeed abundant if you need to serve only web text pages with some images, but which suddenly becomes scarce the moment you start to publish video clips that have any kind of significant audience (a few hundreds or more a day).

This is why online video sharing sites have become so popular so rapidly. They fill a very real and tangible need. As small independent video publishers of all kinds, can buy good quality video cameras at increasingly lower prices and as it becomes easier and easier to download the recorded video onto a computer and then a web site, you can only expect a growing demand for more and more video sharing and publishing services.

In this mini-guide round-up our Robin Good team looks at all the online video sharing sites that provide these capabilities while comparing their key traits and characteristics.

Your input in the form of comments, suggestions and pointers is always very welcome (see bottom of mini-guide).

Photo credit: Tecno

  • Google Video ***DEAD

    Google Video search

    Google Video is an online video marketplace where you can search for, watch and buy videos including TV shows, movies, music videos, documentaries, personal productions and more. Google Video limits searches to video using Google's famous search engine.

    Now that Google have acquired YouTube, it is expected that features of both Google Video and YouTube may change over the coming months, but the services will retain their separate identities.

    Interface: Google Video home page displays categories, popular videos and random picks. Or you can simply enter keywords and go. The results page displays a still image from the video along with program and episode name; and the date, time and length of the broadcast. The triangle icon is the play button that lets you watch a 10 second video snippet.

    Viewing Options: You can view videos in the original size, double size, fit to window, or full screen.

    Sharing You can download any of the videos to your desktop or email them to friends and family. Google also provides the HTML code to embed the video onto a web page.

    Community Features: Not Available

    Submitting Videos: Submit your media content to Google Video (it requires having a free Google account). Uploading videos to Google requires using their Uploader software.

    Google Video provides complete instructions on how to download and use Google Video Uploader.

    Google Video accepts videos in the following formats: AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media and MPEG formats.

    Google Video allows you to include a variety of metadata to help users find your video. You should include a descriptive title, create a clear description, and choose an appropriate category.

    Take a look at the Google Video guide for optimizing video information.

    Users are also able to find your video more easily if you create a transcript for each video file you've uploaded. You can upload a transcript via your Video Status page.

    Google Video provides a complete tutorial on uploading videos.

    Technical Requirements are also available.

    Storage: Unlimited

    Additional Features: Google Video includes copy-protected and fee-based videos. The search engine is free to use, of course. However, some videos require purchase. Once you've bought the video, you can download it multiple times so you can watch it on your other computers.

    Videos that are copy-protected require using Google Video Player AND watching them while connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, Mac users can't watch purchased, copy-protected videos. They can only watch videos that aren't copy-protected.

  • YouTube


    YouTube is one of the most popular online video search engines. YouTube is a community just as much as it is a video search engine. Once logged in, you can upload videos, save your favorite videos, comment on videos, create subscriptions to particular users and tags, and create and join groups of common interest.

    Recently acquired by Google, we can expect to see some changes in the service over the coming months, including perhaps the integration of Google AdSense, although Google has announced that YouTube will remain separate to Google Video, and will retain its name.

    Interface: You can search their database of videos by category or keyword search. When doing a search for videos, 3 thumbnails appear along with the title, description, rating, and link to the video.

    Viewing Options: Videos can be viewed their original window or full screen.

    Sharing: Once you have found a video that you like, you can email it to friends or place it on your web site using the provided html code or through their API.

    Community Features: YouTube allows you to rate videos, post comments, and add videos to a "favorites" collection. Within the YouTube community, you can also join a number of like-minded groups.

    Submitting Videos: Submit your videos to YouTube. You must sign up before you can upload videos and contribute to the community.

    You can upload videos in the following formats: .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG.

    When uploading your video to YouTube, you must provide a title, description, keyword tags, and an appropriate category for your video to be placed in.

    Learn how to optimize your videos for YouTube.

    Storage: Unlimited


    blip_logo2.gif is a video sharing site as well as an online community.

    Interface: At Blip, you can search for videos by keyword or category.

    Viewing Options:

    Sharing allow you to share your video posts using, Flickr, iTunes, and RSS feeds. You can also email videos to friends.

    Community Features: They allow you to create your own playlist, comment on videos, create a community of friends, and rate videos up to five stars.

    Submitting Videos: You can submit your videos to Blip. However, you must first register to become a member.

    When uploading your video, you will be required to create a title and a description. You must also upload a thumbnail of your video and choose a copyright license. Lastly, you must choose keyword tags that will help users find your video and choose the best category for your video to be placed in.

    Blip allows you to choose a number of copyright licenses: a creative commons with varying sharing capabilities or public domain. This allows you to specify the usage of your video.

    You can upload just about any format of video to Blip, but they prefer Quicktime or Windows Media video files.

    Storage: unlimited

  • OurMedia ***DEAD


    OurMedia is a free online search engine that allows you to upload audio, video, images, and text. The OurMedia community contains over 100,000 members.

    Interface: You can browse videos by category, keyword, media type, and popularity.

    Unfortunately, the interface is extremely slow , confusing and may take a while to get accustomed to.

    Viewing Options: OurMedia shows QuickTime movies in one size.

    Sharing: You can share OurMedia videos using rss feeds, email to a friend, or a direct link.

    Community Features: You can comment on all videos as a registered user. As a member, you can also create a buddy list, interact among the online community forum and create your own weblog.

    Submitting Videos: You can upload a variety of media types to OurMedia. This includes video, audio, images, and text.

    However, you must first register at both Ourmedia and the Internet Archive. Fortunately, Ourmedia provides instructions on how to do this.

    When you are uploading, you get to add your own keywords, description, and your own copyright license.

    Storage: Unlimited

  • Vsocial ***DEAD:


    Vsocial is a video search engine that allows you to upload video. However, Vsocial is much more than just a video search engine. It is also a very active community.

    Interface: The Vsocial homepage displays popular tags, recently viewed videos, and popular uploads. However, if you know what you are looking for, you can simply enter your keywords into the search box in the top-right hand corner. You can also search by category and tags.

    Viewing Options: Vsocial allows you to play, pause or scan through the video with the scrubber bar. There is currently no full screen mode for Vsocial videos.

    Sharing: Once you have found a video, you can email the video to friends or send the video through IM.
    Vsocial also gives you the html code needed to embed the video of your choice onto a Web page.
    You can post videos to Flickr, send them to, download to desktop, embed in your MySpace profile, web site, or blog, or create an RSS feed.

    Community Features: As a publisher and simply as a viewer, you can tag, search, rate, and discuss all of the videos.

    Submitting Videos: Submit your content to Vsocial. To upload videos, you must first sign up for an account with vSocial.
    Your videos must be one of the following formats:.MPG, .AVI, .WMV, .MOV, .MP4.

    When uploading your video to Vsocial, you must include a title, description, keyword tags, one to three channels, and a remote home URL. You will also be able to choose from a number of creative commons licenses if you would like to allow others to share your videos.

    Storage: Maximum of 100MB

  • ClipShack


    ClipShack is a video sharing community that allows you to upload video clips, create friends within the community, keep a collection of your favorite videos, and comment on clips.

    Interface: You can search videos by topic or keyword. When you search, you will be shown a thumbnail of the video, the author, the rating, and a link to the video.

    Viewing Options: ClipShack publishes all of your videos into Flash in order to cut down on file size.

    Sharing: Once you find a video that you like, you can share it through email or post it to your site with the html code that ClipShack provides.

    Community Features: ClipShack allows you to create a community of friends. Once you add your friends or family to your ClipShack Friends page, you allow them to see all the video that you have marked as viewable by friends.

    You can also comment on videos and rate them once you have become a registered user.

    Submitting Videos: To submit your videos to ClipShack, you must sign up to become a member

    Your video must be one of the following formats:

    (.mov, .qt, .mp4, .3gp)
    MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp2)
    Windows Media (.wmv)
    AVI (.avi)
    DV (.dv)

    Storage: ClipShack offers a free sharing account with 50 mb of storage.

    Additional Features: Clipshack is currently in beta. However, at some point, they will offer paid subscriptions for $5 per month. These subscriptions will allow you to upload and store videos with higher resolution. With the free account, you can only upload lower resolution files. In addition to this, you will also be offered additional storage space.

  • Vimeo


    Vimeo is a video search engine community with over 45,000 registered users. Vimeo provides a very clean interface that is fast and very easy to use.

    Interface: On the homepage you can search for video clips and view all recently uploaded videos. Once you have placed a search, you can then sort your results by popularity, date, or title. Each video shows a thumbnail, the author, the name of the clip, and how many people have voted for the video.

    Viewing Options: When you click on a thumbnail, you are brought to a very nice interface that allows you to play the video, share it with friends, or download it to your computer. On the same page they also show the author's other videos as well as related videos within the database.

    Sharing: In Vimeo, you can share videos by posting them to Flickr, sending them to, download to desktop, embed in your MySpace profile, web site, or blog, create an RSS feed.

    Vimeo provides html code so that you can embed movies into your web site or on your MySpace profile.
    In addition, you can also simply download videos to your desktop to view later.

    Community Features: Vimeo allows you to add videos to a "favorites" file, comment on videos, subscribe to a member's clips, and create a community of friends, once you haveregistered to become a member.

    Submitting Videos: Sign up as a registered user at Vimeo and start uploading your videos.

    When uploading your video to Vimeo, you must provide a title, caption, and keyword tags that will help users find your video.

    Vimeo also offers a complete video uploading guide.

    Storage: 30 MB of video each week

  • Yahoo Video


    Yahoo Video is a free video search which allows you to search millions of videos from across the web using a familiar search engine interface. With filters for adult content, and an advanced video search, Yahoo Video scores high for ease of use.

    Interface: Offering a simple search on their front page, and an advanced video search that allows you to narrow down your search by file type/s, video data size or duration, and even by domain name type Yahoo Video's search options are very well featured.

    The front page also allows easy access to videos by popularity, categories and tags in addition to displaying the latest 'featured videos'.

    Viewing Options: Videos can be viewed at their original size or in full screen.

    Sharing: Videos can be shared either through email, yahoo messenger,, or by embedding them directly into your blog or website. It is also possible to save the videos to your Yahoo Video favorites.

    Community Features: Yahoo Video allows you to rate videos, post comments, and add videos to a "favorites" collection. For uploaders it is also possible to create a profile and even your own TV Channel using the My Studio feature.

    Submitting Videos: Submit your videos to Yahoo Video. You will need to sign up for a Yahoo account before you can upload videos, but this is not specific to Yahoo Video - if you already use Yahoo services, you can use your regular account to sign in to Yahoo Video.

    You can upload videos in the following formats: .WMV (Windows Media Video), .AVI, .ASF, .MOV, and .MPEG-1 & MPEG -2.

    When uploading your video to Yahoo Video, you must provide a title, description, keyword tags, and an appropriate category for your video to be placed in. It is also possible to include a transcript.

    Videos must be less than 100 MB in size, and must include audio: video without audio will not be processed.

    Storage: Unlimited

  • DivX Stage6


    DivX Stage6 is video sharing for video connoisseurs. Using high-quality video with a raft of advanced features such as menus, subtitles, and multiple audio tracks Stage6 was set up to improve the standard of online video, which tends to look choppy and pixilated in full screen mode using the more popular video sharing sites. As such it is a popular choice for independent filmmakers distributing their work over the internet.

    If there is one drawback, it is that you have to download DivX before you can view the videos, although the difference in picture quality and ability to export for viewing on your TV make this worthwhile.

    Interface: Stage6 has a simple search video option on its front page and videos can be browsed by "hottest", "modded" (those that have been modified) and "recent".

    It is also possible to browse by users, channels (which are more heavily used than in other sites) and by the now ubiquitous tag clouds.

    Viewing Options: Videos can be viewed at their original size, in full screen or as a download that will play on any DivX certified DVD player or portable device.

    Sharing: Videos can be either played from the site, or else downloaded for sharing. At present there do not seem to be any options to embed, email or share video by instant messaging.

    Community Features: Each user, once signed up can upload images, videos, add favorites, friends, keep an online journal and send private messages between users. There is currently no upload ceiling.

    Submitting Videos: Submit your videos to Stage6. You will need to sign up for an account before you can do so. Disappointingly, there is no support for Mac OS at the time of writing.

    You can upload videos in the following formats:.Divx and DivX encoded .Avi.

    When uploading your video you need to supply a name, description, genre, tags and advisory rating.

    Videos must be less than 2GB in size.

    Storage: Unlimited

  • JumpCut ***DEAD


    JumpCut adds online editing and remixing to the video sharing equation. This is perhaps its biggest strength, and what sets it apart from its competitors. With the ability to upload video from your computer, or images from Flickr and Facebook that you can edit together online, JumpCut offers something a little different.

    Editing together your video clips and pictures is really very easy, and cuts out the need to edit anything from your desktop. JumpCut's demo tells you exactly how to do it.

    It is then possible to grab any public footage to use in your own movie remixes, which is another feature that really sets Jumpcut apart from the pack.

    Interface: Finished videos and raw footage and images can be searched for in the Explore view, which can be sorted by complete movies, clips for editing into your films, photos, all media, people, groups and by most viewed, most loved and popular choices, in addition to being able to sort through by tags. The search can be viewed either through a text and thumbnail or a thumbnail only interface.

    Viewing Options: Videos can be viewed at their original size or in a full screen mode.

    Sharing: In addition to being able to email friends and post to a website, Jumpcut's most innovative feature is the chance it gives the user to remix the video they have just watched.

    Community Features: Once users have signed up to the service it is possible to create a profile, and to sign in to, join or create a group. The primary feature that makes Jumpcut more of a community based way of video sharing is the remixing of community members videos.

    Submitting Videos: Submit your videos, images and music to JumpCut.

    You can upload videos in the following formats:.flv, .mpg, .wmv, .avi, .mov,and .mp4.

    When uploading your video you need only choose if it will be public or private, and tag it.

    Videos must be less than 100 MB in size.

    Storage: Unlimited

  • Veoh


    Veoh offers a clearing house for independent and mainstream video content, allowing users to upload and share video through the Veoh network. User generated content sits alongside the output of major studios and production companies, making for a great way to reach a large audience.

    Interface: Veoh's Interface offers the usual array of options, including most recent, most popular, recommended and most discussed videos, in addition to being able to search by tag or category. In addition, Veoh also offers a range of Internet TV channels including Independent Films and Conversations and interviews that make for a refreshing way to access their content.

    Viewing Options: Videos are at an impressive 500 x 400 pixels in dimension.

    Sharing: Videos can be downloaded, embedded or emailed to a friend directly from the main video menu, in addition to being able to scrub through video, share it with other Veoh users and add it to a list of favorites. The ability to download content straight from the player is a nice feature.

    Community Features: Each user, once signed up can upload video, invite and share videos with friends, create a vlog, add favorites and make use of the Veoh client, which allows for easier uploading and downloading of high quality video content.

    Submitting Videos: Videos can be submitted using your browser, or for larger files (those ober 50MB) the Veoh downloadable client is recommended, for easy uploading from your desktop.

    Veoh allows you to encode your video as you want it be seen, and does not transcode the end result, meaning that you can create high quality video files without fearing for them being reduced in quality, as is the case with some other services. Formats accepted are: .mpg, .wmv, .avi, .mov,and .mp4.

    When uploading your video you need to supply a name, description, genre, tags and advisory rating.

    Videos uploaded using the client can be of any size. Web uploads are limited to 100MB in file size.

    Storage: Unlimited

  • Viddler


    Viddler allows for large video uploads in a number of formats, direct web-cam recording from your browser, timed tags in the video, for the classification of discrete moments in a video, and even timed comments that appear at key moments in video playback, allowing for both personal annotation and a strong community feedback element.

    Interface: Viddler's collection can be explored through the week's most popular videos, recently uploaded video, popular tags, and by the newest or most active users in a given week, placing a strong emphasis on participation within the service.

    Viewing Options: Videos are larger and clearer than average, can be scrubbed through in the usual way, in addition to being able to view at full screen, view all tags for a given video, or all comments. It is also possible to navigate the video using dotted tags and comments that appear in the time line, and to embed your own tags or comments using the built in menu.

    Sharing: Video can be emailed to a friend, flagged as inappropriate, and specifically tagged moments (or the entire video) can be embedded into your blog or website.

    Community Features: Beneath each video are options to find related videos, all videos by the same user, and the profiles of users that liked this video, so that it is possible to connect with people via videos that you share an interest in.

    The social dimension is further enchanced by being able to comment on specific moments in the video, and reply to others comments at these specific points in time, rather than comment streams based on the entire video. This allows people to be very specific as to the parts of the video that they choose to interact around.

    Submitting Videos: Submit your videos to Viddler. You must sign up before you can upload videos and contribute to the community. It is possible to batch upload videos, which is a nice feature missing from most video sharing sites, and also to record video directly from your webcam.

    You can upload videos in the following formats: .AVI, .MOV, WMV and .MPG.

    Storage: Unlimited

The Best Of The Rest

Online video is this years big thing on the internet. You may wish to explore the following extended list of services available:

  • Eyespot - Eyespot is an excellent way to edit, mix, add special effects to and share your videos online. See Robin Good's coverage of the service and comparison with Jumpcut and Motionbox.
  • Dovetail - Dovetail is another service, in the style of Stage6, aimed squarely at independent film-makers looking to harness DVD and HD quality in their online video.
  • Motionbox - Motionbox uses and innovative 'film strip' navigation system, so that videos can be navigated and edited using tagged thumbnails
  • Grouper - Grouper offers easy downloads to iPod, PSP and PC in addition to a fully featured, downloadable application for mixing movies
  • Revver - Revver adds monetization to the mix by sharing revenues made from advertising embedded in the last frame of your video on a 50/50 basis.
  • VideoEgg - VideoEgg is a very easy to use video sharing service that will allow you to grab footage straight from your camera, create simple edits and share the videos with friends
  • DailyMotion - While offering no great improvements on the other sites listed, DailyMotion has the ability to display its interface in number of languages, and videos can be tagged with a national flag. A good source of Non-English-language videos
  • Stickam - Stickam is impressive in that it allows you to easily place streaming video, photo slide shows, music, and live video chat on your blog and/or web site
  • Bolt allows you to upload your video, photos and music and to write a blog to embed them into.
  • VMix - Vmix adds the ability to create online slideshows to the usual video sharing features.

Online Video Sharing Sites - Learn More About Them

While the sites listed here are among the best on the web, there are still a great many video publishing sites that have been listed elsewhere. For more information check out:

Robin Good and Michael Pick -
Readers' Comments    
2009-03-11 18:32:41


For private video sharing check out StashSpace online you can upload files of any length even send them video tapes to add to your account. Includes a video editor and video backup.

2008-10-06 15:21:40


Note for potential stashspace users- I had to completely register before a pop up window informed me that "the Intel Mac platform is not supported at this time" - waste of my time and kind of annoying, Mac users be warned -

2008-10-01 17:37:32

Share Family Video

Nice Writeup. However, for sharing family video I recommend stashSpace.Com they are very easy to use, offer secure online storage, and high quality sharing. Check them out at

2008-09-24 07:36:39

joe is awesome, it simultaneously search for videos from popular video sharing websites and show the video thumbs.

2008-08-25 20:13:10


Im beginning a Top 100 list for Video sharing websites , video communities, youtube clones sites .
You are all invited to add your site to this list and add the provided link button code on your site ,to begin ranking.
This will hopefully generate more traffic to all our sites will be fun to see how popular your site is compared to others.
The list is at a starting stage , so take advantage of the hi rankings you can get the sooner you join. Top list= Free Advertising !

2008-08-09 17:07:50


And the best that you can download videos from these sites with the NetVideoHunter addon:

2008-06-23 21:06:36


I came across TV24x7Share video sharing website, and you can create a playlist of videos, upload and play music as well as videos , thats a nice addition :

2008-06-22 22:36:20

retomor sucks, it will delete all your video, your account and they'll never tell you the reason, perhaps that's why will be at the lowest group or site rank. All my videos which I think is not breaking their TOS has been remove last year and when I contact, they never reply.

2008-01-17 15:40:41

chris scarecrow

you guys are too obsesed with videos

2007-12-11 22:18:32

Rick Jones

I would like to add Most African sites never seem to make most list. This is a great site for African music videos and video sharing. It is also a social network site. Check it out to watch great African music videos and other stuff. Everything from pop to the new hottest african craze; Mapouka.

2007-11-16 05:28:18


A video sharing site I have been using is which does not have all the things in the conditions which transfer content rights away. Was going to use another site when I discovered that they basically had perpertual content rights over any uploaded videos - a bit scary that you can loose control over your own content. Anyway Buzdeo seems to take a different approach.

2007-10-18 10:23:04

jean philippe gousse

here is a new guy in town will let you create and run your own YOUTUBE TM without any servers or installation.
it is your time now

jean philippe gousse

Voici un nouveau venu qui offre une alternative intéressante. En effet vous n’êtes plus réduit à poster vos vidéos et voir les sites s’enrichirent, vous pouvez maintenant avoir votre propre Youtube TM en 5 minutes sans installations ni serveurs.

Jean philippe gousse

2007-10-16 11:34:07

Cece Salomon-Lee for ON24/Insight24

Hi Robin and Mike, I realize that the sites you've listed are UGC related. If you're looking to share B2B related content, then I would like to submit our service,

2007-08-28 18:12:59


There is a new multimedia collection website out there. its
It has a unique way of organizing videos.

2007-01-24 13:26:49

Peter Convy

Hi all
Just came accross this new site, called they take home videos from people having fun on holiday, and reviews of hotels. its pretty good and its free,

2007-01-24 04:24:38


I also found a high quality website. Very fast good quality (full screen option).

What do think?

2007-01-20 04:02:00


And another one site for Video Publishing Online

2007-01-07 22:40:57

Michael Pick

Thanks for the feedback, David.

I'll be sure to add something like this in the next update of the guide as I also agree that it is a very important aspect of video sharing.

Increasingly the line between public and private media seems to be being blurred, and it would be useful to show those places where a less 'free for all' approach is available.

2007-01-07 05:59:03

David Brake

It would help I think if you summarised your findings in a table of some kind, highlighting those which are best at a certain feature. I am particularly interested in finding video sharing sites which allow you to easily control who gets to see your video. So far only Grouper seems to do this. Perhaps you could indicate which others do? Seems to me a useful feature if one is going to, say, post up videos of one's child for relatives.

2007-01-04 17:09:21

Robin Good

Thanks Mike for this pointer.

I have gone there and checked out the service that you are promoting here.

This is what I have found out:

Traffic Geyser is an internet marketing product that costs $247 the first month and $47 each month thereafter and allows you to upload up to 25 video clips per month to the top 15 video sharing sites.

Order Now Button

*Includes set-up fee and
first month's service fee

A higher cost plan provides the ability to upload up to 100 clips per month on the top 30 video sites for $297 (the first month) and for $97 for each month thereafter.

The service doesn't specify which video formats are accepted nor how large these files can be.

There is no free trial.

2007-01-04 14:48:41


If you don't want to manually upload your videos to the services, there's a good solution.

Traffic Geyser is a new service that will upload your video to as many as 30 of the top free video hosting sites.

2006-12-04 14:55:53


Another video sharing site that I frequent is All of these sites seem to have about the same features but I like the look of this one better.

posted by Robin Good on Saturday, November 25 2006, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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