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Friday, November 24, 2006

What Is Creative Commons Licensing? Video Showcase Helps You Find Out

Nonetheless the Creative Commons organization and its innovative and open content licensing approach have now been around for more than a few years, there are still a great number of would-be independent publishers, authors, and artists that while wanting to make best of the new opportunities offered by the Internet, ignore altogether the importance of understanding the value of open-sharing even in marketplaces driven by commercial interests.


For this reason and to give greater exposure to one of the most important accomplishments we have been able to realize in the world of openly sharing creative works and ideas, I have decided to bring together here a few short video clips, that can give a much better, simplified and comprehensive idea about what Creative Commons and its licensing schemes are all about.

Creative Commons licensing allows anyone to facilitate easier re-distribution and re-use of your creative work, without forcing you to give up your ownership rights to it. The strength of this approach is that it allows even those that are still unknown and having no access to mainstream media distribution channels to let their work be taken up and exposed by others based on its own merits and not only on those of the financial revenue that this will bring. A tremendous victory for human culture and the opportunity it gives to us to know, learn and collaborate with each other.

Wanna Work Together?


This is the most recent, and less seen CC video clips translating into simple terms and for a wide, generic audience, the explanation of what Creative Commons is all about. Taking advantage of its free re-use and re-mix license I and my team I have taken the time to re-dub the whole video, selecting a new music soundtrack (obviously with a Creative Commons license attached to it), and republishing on our web site for many to see.

Want more?

Here five more great short video clips help you explore and understand in depth what Creative Commons licensing is all about:




Lawrence Lessig explains the Creative Commons


In this eight-minute video clip shot by JD Lasica, Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig shares his view about the role of the Creative Commons, of which he is chairman and co-founder, and about the future of copyright.

Lawrence Lessig is one of the leading evangelists of the participatory culture movement and a member of Our Commons media Advisory Board. His books are "Code", "The Future of Ideas" and "Free Culture".

Mayer and Bettle - You are Busted!


"You are not supposed to download things from the Internet: it is illegal!"

Here is a great educational clip about the Creative Commons, helping even the least technical person get a good idea of what the Creative Commons content licensing proposition is all about.

A little animation and scripting masterpiece in its own right, this is a clip every kid and parent should watch.

This animation was originally created for Creative Commons Australia, and animated by Pete Foley, with sound and music by Chris Perren. The project was co-ordinated by Elliott Bledsoe, from at QUT.

Creativity Always Builds on the Past


Here the most creative clip from this mini-set: a cool mashup about the Creative Commons which uses music, graphics, titling effects, tight editing and more to generate a funky video clip that truly gets the message across.

"And you don't need a lawyer to understand it."

Commons Commerce


And if you want to get the deeper perspective on what Creative Commons licensing means for those lime you who are or soon wish to be independent publishers, reporters, indie music producers or video makers, here is a very interesting video clip showcasing Lawrence Lessig as captured by Japanese KandaNewsNetwork explaining to a mostly Asian audience the issues and opportunities surrounding the increased adoption of this open licensing approach.

The clip also showcases a short interview piece (in Portuguese with Japanese subtitles) Brazilian Claudio Prado, 60's counterculture activist and recent Digital Policy Connector of the Cultural Ministry of Brazil, who explains how a new genre of music commons commerce is being born in the north of Brazil under the name of "tecnobrega".

You can read more about this very interesting new approach to music creation and distribution by reading these articles:
Tecnobrega shows off an open business model

Business do Brasiliero - and no copyright!

Here is also a Flickr photstream about tecnobregas.

Learn more about the Creative Commons with these two original animation videos.

Get Creative.

Reticulum Rex

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2006-11-24 09:15:51


This is a strange coincidence, I have a post about Creative Commons scheduled to be posted at today (around 12:00est). Nice assortment of videos, though.

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