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Monday, November 6, 2006

Mobile Email: Gmail For Mobile Phones Gets Better - Video

Google's Gmail For Mobile Devices service can now be accessed directly from any Java-enabled phone's menu, in addition to the previously available service allowing access using a mobile internet browser.

Among the most popular web-based email services, Google's Gmail is packed with useful features, storage space to satisfy the most sociable of emailers and tabbed, searchable conversations that group entire threads of conversations between you and the people you keep in touch with.

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But that's old news. It has been possible to access Gmail via fully web-enabled phones since earlier this year. The new service offers a small download which will enable any Java-enabled mobile phone to access your Gmail inbox without having to do so from a browser. The client will automatically sync with your inbox, letting you know when new mails have arrived, and optimize itself to your phones interface for clearer, easier to read layouts and the ability to open full screen attachments.

With the ability to open full screen photos, Word documents, PDFs and other attachments added to the option of calling friends in your Gmail address book directly from the Gmail interface, this Java-powered update to looks to be a must have for those emailing on the move.

In this one-minute video, I introduce the Gmail Mobile Service and offer a peek at the new Java interface in action.

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2006-11-07 02:41:38


I think that GMail is good for the 5% of the world that uses Gmail exclusively. For the rest of the world I would go with http;//, or on your mobile browser. This app allows full, fast and easy access to POP, IMAP and Webmail (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MSN etc). So though Google demand media attention they rep only a fraction of the market.

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