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Monday, October 30, 2006

Yellow Pages 2.0: MojoPages - The Birth Of A Company In A Four Minute Video

MoJoPages is about to launch the grassroots version of the Yellow Pages. Find your business by looking and checking out what other people have rated, voted and commented.

The story of this brilliant idea is documented in this short video clip (4':24") providing an excellent visual time capsule of the birth of a new web 2.0 start-up:

MojoPages is all about the people and about how companies are treating their customers.

This is one to follow.

(N.B.: At this moment accepts only sign-ups for its alpha version.)



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2006-10-30 19:06:43


I have been a fan of yours for the past couple of years. Thanks for picking up our story at

The video is only the first in a series of many weekly videos that documents and informs viewers with a behind the scenes look into the life of a start up. We are also asking the blog readers to participate in decisions that we make about the business... so come along for the ride.

Rodney Rumford

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