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Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Personal Information Manager Bridges On- And Off-line Worlds: Scrybe - Video Intro

Scrybe, due for a beta launch this month, looks to be a powerful web-based personal information manager with a host of intuitive features.

With the ability to work on or offline with to-do lists, zoomable calendars and scheduling, multiple time-zone project planning and collaboration, and stylishly laid out cuttings of bookmarks, images and files, Scrybe offers an impressive feature-set for a personal information manager and an innovative interface that promises to set it aside from its many PIM competitors.

Photo credit: (c) Scrybe

It is this interface that makes Scrybe innovative - an interface firmly focused on context.

Using the zoomable calendar, for instance, it is possible to zoom in from a particular week, into a day, and then to a specific time. Appointments can be dragged and dropped at times throughout the day, or rescheduled to another day, or week, with a single click.

It is easy to shift the focus of your attention from the microscopic to the bigger picture, all the while seeing the context of one within the other.

In the following tagged, chapterized version of the Scrybe team's introductory video, put together by Executive Editor Livia Iacolare (who has also published a review of Scrybe on, you can see exactly what sets Scrybe apart from the burgeoning market in online productivity and calendar tools.



With seamless integration with Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat and the ability to drag and drop whole web pages - or selected images and text from them - into nicely laid out scrap book style pages, Scrybe seems dedicated to bringing the tactile, intuitive dimension of the traditional pen and paper organizer into the Web 2.0 collaboration space. The fusion looks very promising. In fact, it even offers a choice of easy-to-fold schedule print outs should you get nostalgic for the hands-on days.

Photo credit: (c) Scrybe

Scrybe will be running a closed beta this month, followed by a public beta, for which you can sign up at their site.

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