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Monday, September 25, 2006

How To Start A Successfull Business Online: CEOs Share Their Tips At The ChurchillClub - Video

How do you start a successful Internet startup business?

Do you listen to funding partners, technology gurus or to your heart?

What are the challenges and critical success factors necessary to achieve solid and positive results for new start-ups wanting to leverage the opportunities offered by the Internet?

Photo credit: Guy Kawasaki moderating the annual meeting: Startup Success 2006

A month ago today, Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist now turned into venture capitalist and start-up advisor (he is Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures), published the video recording of the Churchill Club meeting that had taken place on August 17th in what is a regular annual review of best practices to build successful start-ups.

This year the panel of start-ups CEOs, moderate by Guy Kawasaki, included:

Nonetheless over 16,000' individuals have already given a highly positive vote to the meeting by having watched the full video online, one hour and 30 minutes is generally way beyond the amount of time an interested individual can land to watching an online video like this one.

This is why I have taken humble permission to download, edit and republish a much shortened version of the original meeting video recording lasting only 22 mins.



N.B.: I am experimenting with the Veotag service, which, as you can see, allows you to index and comment the original video recording, making access and user-experience much more effective. Veotag is still in Beta, and there are a few rough corners still to be smoothed out. For one, the Veotag default player (the only one available for now) is 900 pixels wide and my page here can only accommodate a maximum of 580. This is why you see the index titles being cut off to the right. I hoe that is OK and I have been alerted by Veotag that the ability to customize the display size of the player is coming next. Check it out:

Update: Thanks to the Veotag team suggesting it I have added a "scrolling" feature allowing better access to the index labels.

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