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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Low-Cost Conference Calls Get Easier To Setup And Cheaper To Pay For: JaJah Conference Calls - Video Intro

JaJah, the company which has got herself known for having launched one of the most innovative and unique free / low-cost conference calling services, is at it again.

Today JaJah launches JaJah Conference Calls.


The new service allows for the setup, scheduling and delivery of low-cost conference calls with up to ten different participants. As for JaJah standard calls, the whole setup to initiate a conference is done on the web, with any type of computer and through a very simple and easy-to-use one-page interface.

Keep in mind that JaJah, does NOT require you to use any headset, microphone or other special software or device to hook to your computer. You simply fill in the numbers/names of the people you want to call and JaJah does the rest by transferring all that info the public telephone network and ringing you and your contacts phones at the moment you initiate your call.



JAJAH Conference Calling is a new powerful feature now accessible on top of the excellent web-based JaJah calling service. The new feature allows you to schedule and initiate very-low-cost conference calls in a very straightforward and easy-to-use online set up.

The service is open to anyone, individuals, small businesses and large companies and it takes next to no time at all to get started on it.

JAJAH Conference Calls make conference calls easier than they've ever been - and cheaper (of course).

You can add up to ten participants to a single call and for frequent conference calls with the same participants, you can set up groups in your JAJAH address book.

Missing a conference call is also a thing of the past because JAJAH actively rings the participants to start the conference. And you can schedule them ahead of time and send yourself a text message reminder shortly before the call begins.

How does it work?

Simple. Instead of just entering the one number you want to reach, click "Set up conference call" to enter additional numbers or contacts. You can add up to 10 participants to your conference. The new JAJAH Conference Calls feature also allows the scheduling of conference calls, and - as an option - the ability to send a text message reminder to the conference call invitees shortly before the start of the call.

Another very useful feature called "Groups" allows the easy recording of individual contacts into a group as to facilitate calling multiple people on a frequent or systematic basis.

None of the conference call attendees you are inviting will need to register or pay for anything. Only one, the conference call initiator has to pay for the cost of the call.

All conference calls costs are completely transparent to you as the exact cost for any conference call you may want to initiate is updated in real-time as you add new invitees to the call invitees list next to the "Call" button.

Here an example of the costs: You are in Montreal, Canada (Zone 1). You want to talk to your friends in France, Belgium (Zone 2) and Guinea (Zone 4). With JAJAH, talking to your friends at the same time will cost you no more than 24 Cents (US) per minute. Compared to other major conference calling providers you may save up to 95% on a single conference call.

For more info about JaJah rates please see:

Go try it out.

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