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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Soccer Video Passion: Italian Team Triumphal Comeback Video

Almost two months ago, Italy's won a passionate world soccer championship in Germany, and was the beneficiary of extra love and sympathy from hundreds of thousands of Italy's supporters and friendly fans all around the globe.


To all those of you who have suffered and rejoyced while following Italy's matches, here is a little present from the heart, which while not much fitting the typical scope and focus of this new media news site (outside of providing you access to content you will not see on mainstream media) , gives me the opportunity to share with an international audience the edited recording of a night that, at least here, will go long unforgotten.

Unknown to most news media outlets outside of Italy, the Italian soccer team came back to Rome on July 10th to find an oceanic crowd waiting for it and ready to celebrate the team victory in a triumphal fashion. The event, had nothing to envy to what the ancient Romans must have done to their winning armies when they returned victorious from far away lands.

Thanks to Italian state TV channel RAI who chronicled live this event as it unfolded, many fans in Italy were able to follow this absolutely unique expression of Italian passion and folklore for soccer, which lasted several hours from the arrival of the team at the airport to their final public acclamation at Circus Maximum.

Together with Nicolò Canali De Rossi I have selected the most intense and memorable of those moments, after having recorded over two hours of the RAI program broadcasting the event. Out of more than 120 minutes here is a distilled 4-minutes of what you could have seen if you had been in Rome that night.

For me this is as memorable as it can get. I have never seen anything like this before, and the positive, innocent vibes of all those celebraring people made me forget for a moment all of the unbearable realities we ourselves have created and allow every moment on this planet.

Here is my personal video remix of an unforgettable night of celebration.

Video footage: RAI and Robin Good

The News: Italian soccer fans by the tens of thousands, converged on Rome for the arrival/return of the Italian soccer team after its victorious participation at the Germany 2006 Soccer World Championship. Thousands of soccer fans paved with Italian flags over thirty kilometers of road joining the military airport of Pratica di Mare with downtown Rome. A growing mob literally escorted and cheered without pause the Italian team open-roof bus that took the team, first to the Parliament and then, in a crowd bath and at a speed of 1Mph, to the Circus Maximum (next to the Coliseum) where over one million screaming fans greeted and celebrated one more time their winning players.

You must see this to believe it.



Reference: RAI
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