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Monday, September 4, 2006

Program Compatibility Wizard: Windows Vista RC1 - Video Preview

Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 is an early release of the upcoming new Microsoft operating system which will be released in the first part of 2007. This beta release has been distributed to over five million beta testers worldwide in an effort to iron out all remaining development bugs while introducing some yet unreleased features and functionalities.


Among these is the updated Vista Program Compatibility Wizard, a feature which, while little known but already present in Windows XP, will allow Windows Vista users to utilize and run applications written and developed for earlier versions of Windows, all the way back to Windows 95.

CNet TV Senior Editor Robert Vamosi has an interesting video report showcasing the new Vista Program Compatibility Wizard alongside other new interesting features.

Here is a 49" seconds excerpt fro his video report:

Video credit: Robert Vamosi - (c) CNet TV

Watch the full video report on the fully revamped CNet TV. Go check it out, lots of great videos and feature reviews.




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2007-01-04 12:57:21


Well i think that running this on Vista will turn the EMULATOR ON in order to run your application properly.

example: if you have a Win98 Application and you want to run it in WinXP then you can use this EMULATING PROCEDURE , but keeping in mind that it will NEVER WORK in the performance that you are expecting. ( like heavy Application i.e. Corel) or whatever.

so if you have a good high end hardware and you spent alot of $$$ on your PC then its USELESS here.

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