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Friday, September 1, 2006

Improve Video Quality Of Mobile Phones Video Clips: MotionDSP

Mobile video clips and video footage shot with most any PDA or mobile phone looks pretty low quality when shown on a computer screen, let alone enlarging it for editing it into a pro clip. But thanks to a company which has spent lots of time and resources with the military, a new technology will son allow everyone to rapidly enhance the video quality of their cell-phone-shot video clips.

MotionDSP is an imaging software company focusing on video image processing, and thanks to its latest research and testing it has been able to create a digital signal processing device capable of significantly improve the very-low quality of video clips shot by a mobile phone.

According to the company

"MotionDSP's software re-constructs a high-resolution video from low-resolution video, enabling mobile phones, webcams, and security cameras to deliver higher-quality video, and enable a viewing experience that is far more satisfying."

Here are some examples of original mobile video footage and the results after processing with MotionDSP:

Original mobile phone video

After MotionDSP cure

Yesterday, Techcrunch Michael Arrington first reported about it writing that MotionDSP "compares multiple frames in a video to find and replace lost pixels in a given frame, significantly enhancing the experience with little increase in overall file size after compression.

The service works best when a video is not moving rapidly or in a jerking fashion, but tends to improve just about any low quality video."
Here are a couple more interesting examples of how effective this video image enhancement technology can be:



Original video clip shot with Motoroal V330

After MotionDSP cure

Original video clip shot while driving a car

After MotionDSP cure

Techcrunch also reported that CEO and co-founder Sean Varah told them that "the service will go into consumer beta sometime this year...

The service will be free and will allow users to upload a video and download an enhanced version. But he also stressed that the focus will be on getting deals done with the large online video sites, such as YouTube, to enhance user-uploaded videos."

MotionDSP is also conducting a public consumer test of their technology and they are looking for videos captured by mobile phones or digital cameras.

Requirements to submit test videos are:
* Short videos -- under 1 minute in length
* Video from mobile phones: any
* Video from digital cameras: low resolution (320x240 or smaller)
* Video taken outdoors, or well-lit indoors.
* Video you're willing to release the rights for (ie: allow MotionDSP to post on the web as part of the trial)

Send them in their original format (usually 3GP or 3G2) to video[at]

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