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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Anonymous Surfing: New Browser Guarantees Browsing Privacy: Browzar - Video Introduction

Anonymous browsing, without leaving traces of where you have gone and what pages you have looked at, is now possible thanks to a new web browser launching today: Browzar


Browzar which is a fully free browser, guarantees browsing privacy as it doesn't save any cache, history, cookies and does not use the auto-complete feature. It is available for PC, Mac and Linux computers and it can be downloaded in seconds (even on dial-up) and doesn't need an installation to run. It can be even placed on a USB memory stick and run directly from there "as is". Interface-wise, Browzar has a cool slick look and it is available in two different themes.


In the wake of AOL publishing the search histories of 685,000 of its customers, and the increasingly draconian measures taken by governments and corporations alike to monitor internet use, Browzar comes as a breath of fresh air, designed to protect your personal privacy as you surf the web. As a matter of fact, there is currently no easy way of anonymously surfing the web that is as simple as Browzar. All standard internet browsers out there store by default all information about which websites you have gone to and which search queries you have run on any major (or minor) search engine. On the other hand Browzar does not record the web address or web cache for any website you visit, and there is therefore no history of your web trails after you stop surfing. Temporary files are deleted whilst you are surfing the web, and cookies are deleted at the point you close Browzar.

In this video mashup, we introduce the ideas driving Browzar, and how it could make a difference to your everyday browsing - whether at work, at home or in an internet cafe. Browzar founder Ajaz Ahmed takes you through the benefits of using Browzar, with additional thoughts from IT Week's Phil Muncaster, and the smooth commentary of MasterNewMedia own Michael Pick.



For our readers on a narrowband connection, the benefits of using Browzar have been listed on and are reprinted here:

Browzar benefits in a nutshell

  • The freedom to surf the web with complete privacy - Browzar doesn't save web cache, web history, cookies or use auto-complete, meaning that personal business stays personal business.

  • The freedom to search for anything - Browzar doesn't remember searches or use embarrassing auto-complete that instantly reveals previous searches.

  • The freedom to use anywhere - Browzar only takes seconds to download by visting and it doesn't need to be installed. It is used simply by double clicking on the icon. This means it can be accessed and used anywhere worldwide - in the workplace, from a friend's house or in an internet café - in fact anywhere where that there is a computer with an Internet connection.

  • The freedom to use anytime - Browzar doesn't ask for any commitment. It is a completely flexible way of accessing the internet anywhere in the world and can be used once a year, once a week or everyday. It's completely free and can be downloaded and used anytime, anywhere complimenting your existing internet browser.

  • Illegal use of the internet - Although Browzar does not save cache, history, cookies or use auto complete; meaning that it allows you to surf the internet freely and privately; if individuals are using the Internet to do things that are illegal, law enforcement bodies can still use their standard methods to track them.


Readers' Comments    
2007-09-30 09:17:40

Anonymous surfing

You can’t talk about anonymity if an administrator of the network or boss can track all the traffic independently from the type of browser you use. I have chosen SmartHide for me, if you use it together with Browzar, then you really can be sure that no one is watching you.

Keep your IP address hidden! Anonymous surfing and hide ip!

2007-05-22 19:50:44


This seems like a cool product,

What I do currently is just manually go through and delete all of my cookies, clear my cache, delete my broswer history and internet history, and delete all filled forms. I also have different browsers for different purposes. For everyday email and surfing I use MYIE (an internet explorer shell), and for anything I want to keep my privacy protected with, I use the latest version of Netscape. I know I'm in the minority here, but I was never a fan of Mozilla or Firefox. I had problems with both trying to install and run certain java and flash applets on those two. Plus, Mozilla was the default browser on all the pc's in my university's computer labs and classrooms. I was forced to use it for many in class assignments and when printing out things from email. I just never warmed up to the interface or how it operated compared to other browsers. But anyway, Browzar seems like a good alternative. I have some questions though. I'm assuming it's freeware or shareware, so will there be any secondary programs bundled in with the browser software? Not necessarily malware or spyware, but any kind of third party licesensed stuff? I don't need any more toolbars or weather bots or media players etc. If nothing like this in included in a bundle pack, what's the catch, as I'm assuming there is one somewhere. If there really isn't one, then I'm sold. I checked the website and poked around but didn't really see any info on what I'm looking for. And I don't want to download and install it until I know for sure that no other programs are included. Can anyone who has downloaded this software previously give me a quick review? Positive and Negative feedback is appreciated and welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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