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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Navigate Digital Images Via A Zoom And Click Interface Metaphor: Photo-In-Photo By Zooomr Portals Is Here

Zooomr, perhaps the most fully featured photo sharing site on the web, recently launched a new version of its online service featuring a breathtaking new feature known as Portals. Portals, in short, allow you to create visual hyperlinks within images.

With a simple click and drag interface it is possible to select parts of your images, and have them link to other images in your collection. As you roll over these spaces, the new image appears superimposed over the original. With a click, you are zoomed through to the new photo.

Photo Credit: Kristopher Tate

There are no limits as to how many "portals" you can include in an image, so in theory every part of your photo can link elsewhere. The possible applications for this feature include visually linked presentations, tutorials, guided tours, photo narratives and any other content that follows a visual narrative of some kind.

Additional features allow for people in your digital images to be selected and individually tagged, with links to further details and other images which can all be embedded into the original photo. But you must really see how this works to get a good feel for how effective this can be and to fully appreciate it.

In this short video clip (4' 52") Zooomr founder Kristopher Tate introduces to you this very feature, showcasing the new Portals facility and its above-mentioned features.

Source: Kristopher Tate

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