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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Project Management Online: Zoho Projects Goes Live - Video Introduction

Project management aficionados have now great new tool to work with, without needing to worry about which computer they are on or what operating system it uses. Completely web-based and accessible from any computer type: Zoho Projects is here.

One more piece in the growing Zoho family of web-based office tools Zoho Projects provides a feature-rich project management environment that doesn't tax your need to get up and running with it in a few minutes.

Original Source: Zoho Projects

Techcrunch's Marshall Kirkpatrick reports:

"Basecamp charges $12 and $149 for 3 or unlimited projects. Upstart alternative ActiveCollab is free and can be hosted for you through a number of hosting companies, but is unlike both Basecamp and ZohoProjects in that its software needs to be downloaded and put on servers other than the company's."

and concludes his Zoho review saying:

"If the company can nail down single sign-in and integrate a successful chat service things could really get moving. Then the Zoho services would be far more powerful together instead of feeling like a series of disparate services that each work passably but are ultimately disconnected. ZohoProjects is really what ties all the services together; combined with the company's free online word processor, presentation service and spreadsheet maker it's a pretty powerful package for a relatively low price. Watch the Zoho Blog for an announcement when it's available for regular use."

But the best way to learn more about it is to watch the 5-minute video mashup we have created with some original silent footage from Zoho. Michael Pick has added background music and a live narration that explains to you all of Zoho Projects key functions.

Zoho Projects is now open to anyone wanting to sign up for a demo account. Prices run from $5 per month for 3 projects to $80 for unlimited projects.

Check it out.



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