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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Online Advertising Agency Automatically Auctions Best Paying Ads For You: Rightmedia RMX Direct - Video Interview

Online advertising service RMX Direct aims to unite advertisers, ad networks and independent publishers in working together towards greater profits. If your site features ad content, or if it doesn't yet, you owe it to yourself to see how RMX can help you to monetize your efforts.

RMX Direct uses an accessible web based application that makes it as easy as possible for bloggers and other niche content providers to find the best possible advertising for their site, at the best price.

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Powered by realtime auctions in which 8 top ad networks compete for space on your site, RMX Direct promises to make earning money from your online publication easier than ever. By drawing on this range of ad suppliers and offering a strong say in the content of the ads served to your site, the service will attempt to find a good fit between your content and that of your sponsors.

Pat McCarthy, Right Media's Director of Business Development talked Robin Good through its central features, and how it can help you.



What is it?

RMX Direct gathers essential information about your site, and puts the site's advertising space to auction for a range of ad networks to bid on. These networks then compete to offer the most appropriate content, at a price that will better your existing revenue. If you have an ad bringing in $1, the competing networks will attempt to serve advertising that beats that rate.

Targeting Independent Publishers

While Right Media, the company behind RMX direct, has a history of dealing with enterprise level content providers, RMX Direct is open to a vast range of publishers, from bloggers to monolithic sites like MySpace. Pat McCarthy explains the thinking behind the RMX model.

The size of your site really doesn't matter. RMX is a service that will take on grassroots level bloggers, and grow with them as their sites gain attention and ad revenue.

Advertising Volume

But how grassroots is grassroots? How many page views or ad impressions do you need to be receiving before RMX will take you on? Pat explains that there really is no bottom limit.

If you have the patience to wait on the ad networks payouts, there is nothing to stop you from getting involved today, and as your site traffic grows, your ad based income will grow with it.

What are the requirements?

The size of your site, then, would not seem to be an issue. So which other factors will effect whether you are eligible to use the service? The only issue you may encounter would be with the nature of your content. Pat discusses the type of sites that are generally not considered acceptable. As a general rule, these are sites focused on adult or illegal content.

Who sets the rules?

Users of the service have a great deal of input as to which advertisements make it to their site, and which are too gaudy, flashy, or just inappropriate. These selections can be made through a simple checkbox interface, which lets advertisers know your preferences. But who decides which ads to serve, and when to serve them to your site?

As a user, then, you benefit from being able to have a say in the selection of the advertising content while taking advantage of a fully automated system operating in real time.

The Ad Networks involved

To date the ad networks working with RMX Media are:


RMX Direct is likely to be a popular source of advertising content for independent publishers with sites of all sizes.

The service is completely free, with money recouped through a small percentage skimmed from the advertiser. This is great news for the publisher, who doesn't pay a penny, but could gain considerably by leveraging this vast range of ad networks to support their work.

RMX Direct is currently accepting requests to enter into their private beta period, and will officially launch in September.

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