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Friday, August 11, 2006

Long Tail Video Animation Gives You The Gist And The Footage To Remix

Longtailbook offers an exclusive mini animated video clip extract from the Long Tail book by Chris Anderson. The video animation is as simple as effective explaining in a few seconds what the Long Tail concept is all about.

"The site also has two free sample chapters -- the Introduction and Chapter 7, The New Tastemakers--amounting to some 33 pages. Even better, they've released the component graphics and animation files used to make the video under a Creative Commons license so that anyone can use them, misuse them, mess with them or otherwise remix them for any purpose they want. Check it out."

This great 1'30"- long video clip has been produced by Apt Studio for Random House UK and can be openly remixed by anyone. The music is by Linkwood.




Chris Anderson -
Reference: The Long Tail blog [ Read more ]
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