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Monday, August 7, 2006

Fear Campaign: War On Terror Is Mass Media Best Propaganda Weapon

Video credit: - Halifaxion video channel on YouTube

"The only thing you have to fear is fear itself"
(Source: Franklyn D Roosvelt - 1932)

"The only think you have to fear, is not enough fear."
(Sources: Bush administration after 9-11)

Artificially-induced fear, psychological terror, not based on facts, but on speculation and on staged acts of terror is THE most powerful weapon of political control that has ever been available. Check out history books before discounting this as anarchist counter-propaganda.

If you can see beyond the surface and become aware of how media communication is being used, hijacked and raped to serve huge interests, you can help everyone else understand more by simply sharing with them the same hints, tips and sources that have helped you go beyond appearances.

This is the key task of any responsible citizen of this world. No matter if moved by conservative or liberal principles, socialist or capitalist ideas, there isn't much of a future until you can understand the power that traditional, mass media have on all those that choose to believe that reality is analogous to what the TV tube tells them about it.

The road out of the many fear campaigns being staged now and in the past, has always been one of tuning out of mass media propaganda, finding new, alternative and complementary sources of news, asking many questions, and making up reality yourself.



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2006-08-08 19:00:00

Music Fan

A NYC band has an (apolitical) song on this very topic, dealing with the uncertainty and ambiguity of homeland security news. (band web site)

Also an interesting song on War By Remote Control, inspired by a quote from William Safire

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