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Monday, July 31, 2006

Peak Oil, Global Warming: The Heat Is On - Video Interviews by Marc Strassman


On July 27, 2000, online video news reporter and California-based Marc Strassman, interviewed Pulitzer-winning author Ross Gelbspan about his recently-published book on global warming, The Heat is On.

As the San Fernando Valley, where Solar World, the forward-looking alternative energy digital news magazine published by Marc Strassman originates, swelters under a record-breaking 10th day of temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the California power grid struggles to provide the electricity needed to produce and distribute this article and its accompanying audio and video, it seems appropriate to retrieve, re-format, and publish that interview online in a format that alloows multiple views and clips to be comfortably aggregated together in a topic-specific video news package .

Thanks to Brightcove technology, which is about to unleash a little army of talented independent video producers through its superb video distribution framework, and continuing supplies of electricity, you can now listen to that conversation, along with Mr. Gelbspan reading an excerpt from his book, as well as watch and listen to a small set of related videos on the "Peak Oil/Global Warming Channel" from Marc's Etopia News and his Online Broadcasting Service (OBS).



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