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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blog Search Engine Technorati Releases Major Upgrade And New Features

Technorati product manager Liz Dunn walks you through some of the most interesting key new features in the new Technorati

After many months of testing, frustrating feedback and comments from users, Technorati, the three year old blog search engine, released a few hours ago a new release of their powerful search service.

The key new features include:

  • a completely revamped and easier to use interface

  • more comprehensive reference and authority data for each blog

  • a new Discover feature allowing individuals to find out what are the most interesting blogs to read for each major news category

  • more precision and accuracy in the link counting feature, allowing you to see more reliable and more frequently updated data about the authority of any site (including yours)

  • less geekiness, so that even non technical users can better understand the beauty and unique value that Technorati brings

  • a new Favorites section features which allows you to select and organize your favorite blog news sources

  • a new Popular feature, which algorithmically derives the most linked-to items in the last few days

  • significant improvements to blog profiles information - giving you access now to stats, tags used, posting frequency, traffic, and Technorati ranking for any blog that Technorati tracks

  • more speed. Now you should see the new engine reacting and responding like a true champion

According to Technorati's CEO Dave Sifry there is a lot more coming in the near future "including better charts, more real-time spam detection and elimination, more real-time media indexing, microformats integration, and additional localization and language support."



For giving feedback about the new Technorati, just post or write on your site by adding the "tag" - technoratifeedback - and Dave and the guys at Technorati will be closely reading your advice and comments.

To answer all of your questions about the Technorati search engine check out the new and updated Technorati FAQ page.

To learn more about Technorati, Dave Sifry and why blogs and their presence is so vital to the new media revolution and the role that Technorati pays in this, check out this 2 min short video clip of Dave Sifry himself shot in Rome in the spring of this year.

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