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Monday, July 3, 2006

Corporate TV: Education-Based Online Video Marketing Focuses On What Your Customers Want to Learn

Corporate TV: Education-based online video marketing focuses on what your customers want to learn not on what you want to sell. Do that correctly and your customers will see your company as a trusted advisor.

Using video and the internet to better promote and qualify your products, while educating and entertaining your customers is one of the best approaches that online publishers can use today to further increase their online marketing effectiveness.

"The television world and the internet world have converged and companies are quickly harnessing its power. How? By creating helpful video programming on their companies web sites.

Think of it as corporate TV. A dynamic way to attracts prospects and to educates customers about the products, services and skills your company has to offer."

Mindblazer intro to the usefulness of corporate television

Trustworthiness is always increased when customers can see who is (supposedly) behind the company and when customers are guided into appreciating and discovering, in a visual format, what are they key benefits and advantages of using your company services.

Sharewood Law n.1: the more you educate, by sharing honestly what you know best, the more people will come to trust you and will come back to you for further advice or service.



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Reference: Mindblazer [ Read more ]
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