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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Google Mobile Services Keep You Connected To The Information That Matters To You The Most

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Staying connected with the news and information that matters to you the most has never been easier for mobile phone users worldwide thanks to the latest announcement from Google, which has just made available several mobile services which further facilitate access to Google-based information services while on the go, while showcasing Google deep commitment to provide pervasive access to all information from any possible device.


From today you can search across mobile news sources to access the latest breaking stories on any subject you are interested in. To do so you simply need to access the web from your mobile phone and visit the Google home page. That's all.

Not only.

From today you can also access your Gmail account and your Personalized Google Home Page directly from your mobile phone while having access to Google's mobile services in a range of languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Turkish (which had already been available to mobile Google users in the US and UK).

And as Abhijit Kalamkar, software engineer at Google, posted today in the official Google blog , you may indeed discover that your mobile phone (if you have a cost-effective web connection through it) has suddenly become a lot more useful than it was.

The three fronts on which mobile users can now benefit from Google newly released free services are:

1) Gmail

2) Google News

3) Personalized Home page (RSS feeds, wheather, stocks, and other custom selected news)



Gmail users can now access, view and reply to all of their emails having now a quick and easy access to their own Gmail account directly from their mobile devices.

This mobile version of Gmail facilitates quick searches, easy message reading, and fast replies from any mobile phone, along with some nifty new features like the ability to directly call people, in your contact list, directly from your phone (this works when the Gmail user has placed that phone number information in her account settings).

To access Gmail, mobile users do the same exact steps that they would do if they were accessing Gmail from the web. Users simply visit through the web browser on their mobile phone and sign in to their Gmail account as they would on the web. Because every mobile device is different, Gmail automatically optimizes the interface for each type of phone screen display and resolution.

Also of interest: the new feature allowing you to view directly on your phone display photos and documents attached to emails and the full synchronization support guaranteeing that Gmail messages are automatically synchronized, regardless of whether you have accessed your Gmail account from a mobile device or through the web.

Google News


Google News headlines can now be accessed from any mobile device or PDA with a web connection.

To access Google News, you only need to go to on with your mobile phone web browser, and click the link to Google News. You will be then directed to the mobile-optimized version of Google News where you will be able to access links and headlines for the top news stories.

Only sources whose content has been designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices are displayed, ensuring that no matter what kind of mobile phone display you have you will be able to see the information you access.

Google Personalized Home


The Google Personalized Home for mobile devices is a new service that enables users to access their personalized Google homepage on their mobile phones and PDAs.

With Google Personalized Home you can display exactly the same customized content as the Google Personalized homepage that you normally access from home or office desktop. The only difference is that this new Google Personalized Home is optimized for mobile access, making it easy to read and fast to navigate. Information is optimized for the smaller screens and slower bandwidth of most mobile devices and is presented in a format that reduces the need to click multiple links.

If you are new to this, you should be aware that you can easily integrate in a Google Personalized Home your Gmail accounts to see the latest incoming emails at-a-glance, a selection of customized news headlines, local weather, stock updates, hand-picked RSS feeds and more. To do this you should first visit from your desktop computer and select the content to be added to your Personalized Home homepage.

If you are instead a veteran and already have a personalized Google homepage, then you can simply visit through your mobile device browser, select the "Personalized Home" link, and then sign in with your Google account username and password. The next time they you will visit with your mobile phone, you will automatically see the same customized content modules that are featured on the web version of your Google personalized homepage.

As mentioned in the opening, Google is also releasing today a bunch of new interface languages to the above-listed mobile versions of Gmail, Google News, and Google Personalized Home. The language spectrum now covered includes:
U.S. and U.K. English,
Chinese, and

Available today, Gmail, Google Personalized Home, and Google News for mobile devices are all completely free offerings from Google, though you will have to check with your mobile phone provider to see whether extra fees for mobile access to the web may apply.

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