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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What Is A Blog? Video Remixes Say Lots More Than Words

Here is a small tribute to the power of visual communication, which through the humble artistry of these ten short video remixes showcases how much more effective and enjoyable it can be to learn through active watching rather than having to read the same subject in a book or manual.

All these and other video remixes are accessible on TheWeblogProject web site, but it is thanks to Brightcove online video distribution service that I can now "pre-package" lineups of selected video clips in a professional-looking branded "player" and publish it in a matter of minutes on anyone of my web sites.

My personal thanks to the many great people, bloggers and not who have happily contributed to this open-source documentary project, and to the good work of my two close teammates who have been helping me throughout this long journey: Nico Canali De Rossi and Alessandro Luccardi (thank you guys, you really made a difference!).

TheWeblogProject has been selected as a recommended video destination in the May issue of Wired.



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