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Monday, June 19, 2006

Income Tax Illegal Fraud? How The Federal Reserve And Banks Orchestrate The Financial System - Video Clip

Income tax a fraud? Aaron Russo is the music and show business entrepreneur who has stepped out and produced a radical movie called "America: From Freedom to Fascism" which has received standing ovations in theatres from all around the country during its preview period.

Aaron Russo takes things quite a bit beyond where Michael Moore did, and attempts to explain in full detail that the there the US income tax is a fraud and that there is nothing in the tax code that says you have to pay tax on your labor.

Now it's time for you to decide for yourself.

Do you want to stand up for your constitutional rights or do you bury your head in fear from political and social pressures?




Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Aaron Russo began promoting rock and roll shows at local theaters while still a high school student. From there, he worked for his family's business, opened a night club in Chicago where he helped create the careers of such legendary acts as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. No stranger to success, Aaron was the first Hollywood Producer to command $1 million for his services, with titles such as 'Trading Places' and 'The Rose' after a seven year partnership with Bette Midler, whom he managed to become the superstar she now is.

Aaron is now writing, producing, and directing a new feature film/documentary titled "America...From Freedom To Fascism". The film is an expose of the Internal Revenue Service, and proves conclusively that the US incoem tax is a fraud and that there is no law requiring an American citizen to pay a direct unapportioned tax on their labor.

Go find out yourself.

And study also about the other side of the coin:
Arguments debunking US income tax fraud accusations.

Aaron Russo - Regina and Scott Meredith - [ Read more ]
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2008-08-30 06:13:38

truth seeker

this site can give some insights on the bigger picture of the manipulations such as the income tax pozi scheme

2007-11-30 19:55:17

Ryan McCloughan

wow, I would like to post your video on my my space with instructions for the watcher to do the same. Make it easy for me to do this so I can help to get this snowball rolling. I would fight, I love a good fight.

2007-10-14 00:39:24


O.M.G!!!.- - - W.T.F????????several yrs. ago a coworker told me i did not have to pay taxes, told me he & his were not! i just knew we would "get into trouble", so i just forgot about it.then last yr. my husband had to pay "pentalties",for not filing, the yr, b/4, due to my car wreck, i was out of wk. etc.!!! i will be passing this on & THANK YOU!~PEACE~ CAROLYN

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