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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Internet Video Mini-Guide From Wired Magazine Showcases Best Online Sources Videos To Watch

In the new, May issue of Wired, the glossy magazine devoted to new technologies and their impact on society, one of the feature articles is entitled: A Guide to the Online Video Explosion - Wired's must-have directory of the best clips on the Web.


The Wired mini-guide highlights and showcases with real examples all of the recent hoopla and anticipations about online video being the biggest and fastest forward mover in the online new media space.

Notably, my one-year old video adventure, TheWeblogProject has been elected by Wired editors as a recommended destination to follow inside the Documentary section .

Now in its remixing phase, TheWeblogProject is an open-source documentary about blogs and bloggers trying to explain what a blog really is.


"...Sure, a lot of the material is junk: dorm pranks, nip slips, America's silliest home videos. But some of it is brilliant: House of Cosbys, Kevin Sites's hot zone at Yahoo! News, archives of cold war propaganda films. Some people look at the sheer amount of material and see a mess. But we see, amid the flood of content and competing delivery services, a new medium emerging, one with fewer gatekeepers, more producers, and - somewhere - something for everyone. And that's the point: The mess is the message.

That doesn't make it easy to sample.

So we've created a Me-Vee Guide - a way for you to understand, navigate, and participate in the online video explosion."

Inside the Wired mini-guide you can find multiple sections dedicated to the many video genres available online today.




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