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Thursday, May 11, 2006

What Is A Blog? Video Remixing TheWeblogProject

Video remix by: Alessandro Luccardi

Video editing and remixing online is getting better by the day, and the recently launched video remixing services that I have covered here on MasterNewMedia, have provided my mini-video team to effectively test and experiment what is actually possible to do wth vide online.

In this experimental video remix clip, little glimpses of words that we have captured over the course of a year become chords for a little romantic visual poetry, helping others better understand what blogs really are:

The above video clip is a video remix done by Alessandro Luccardi for TheWeblogProject, the open-source, grassroots movie documentary project I have been working at since March of 2005.

The people in the above clip are (in order of appearance):
Lana Kacianewska - street person
Jon Rappoport -
Steve Bosserrman - Diary of Knowledge Broker
Marc Orchant - The Office Weblog
Leonardo Chariglione - Digital Media Project
Robert Scoble - Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger
Nancy White - Full Circle Associates
Alex Smith - street person
Howard Rheingold - SmartMobs

See each one of the original video clips we shot with each one of them by clicking on their names, and see more of the first set of video remixes directly at TheWeblogProject.

For would be remixers, learn more about Jumpcut here or go straight to Eyespot and preload in one-click all 132 clips from TheWeblogProject:

a) Existing Eyespot users can go here:

b) New eyespot users can go here:



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