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Monday, May 1, 2006

Internet Access Control And Discrimination: Net Neutrality

"This past month, on April 5, the House Telecom Subcommittee approved by 27-4 vote legislation allowing telephone companies into the cable business on a national franchise basis. The bill also allows the Federal Communications Commission to enforce its net neutrality principles. The bill was amended to require the FCC to resolve any Net Neutrality requirements within 90 days and to raise the penalties to $500,000 per violation.

Even with these changes, the bill may still present serious issues for guaranteeing freedom and equality of access to all information and content sources available online.

The provisions will not stop the cable and telephone companies from degrading Internet traffic and they do not contain strong enough penalties to discourage misbehavior. Without stronger legislation, the cable and telephone companies will have the power to change the fundamental nature of the Internet."

Here is a simple, short and easy to understand video clip from Alex Curtis at People Knowledge, that explains why Internet baccess control and discriminatory access policies on the Internet are a problem which will continue to exist as long as we all become aware of the issue, and "net neutrality" rules are enforced.




Alex Curtis -
Reference: Public Knowledge [ Read more ]
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