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Thursday, February 16, 2006

MasterNewMedia Design Challenge: Deadline Extended

The MasterNewMedia Design Challenge, an open interface design contest I have launched two weeks ago to improve the look and feel of this very site, met its final deadline yesterday.


No official entries were submitted. As I am trying to evaluate critically my communication strategy it appears clearly evident that my contest demands were too demanding indeed and that the prize offered was not worth the effort requested.

Update: Actually one submission, from Stefano Cipressi has come in before the deadline late last night. I discovered only a few minutes ago. Together with the other early submitters it will be visible and accessible later on today from this very article. (Feb.16 - 11:55 GMT+1)

On the other hand, a few interested participants have emailed me asking for an extension of the official deadline.




a) I am more than happy to extend the MasterNewMedia Design Challenge of another 10 days, to February 26th, as the final submission deadline for this design contest.

b) I acknowledge of having asked for too much. In this light I will also be accepting proposals that include only MasterNewMedia home page only or only the individual articles design. One design prototype is enough. (Two is still good, but it is not required).

c) I raise the prize to include:
- Prize increased to $ 2,000 in cash to be paid to the winning design
- The inclusion and coverage of the winning design on MasterNewMedia home page
- An interview (audio) with the winner showcasing his/her talent, skills and work portfolio. The interview is also to be published on

To find out more about this contest about it please see:
MasterNewMedia Design Challenge

What do you think? Is this enough?

Are these changes sufficient to guarantee the positive participation of a greater number of designers?

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