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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

New Web-Based Telephony Service Gives VoIP Access To Any Computer: JaJah Web Is Here

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JaJah, the pioneering communication company, is launching right now, a new, revolutionary web-telephony service, allowing standard phone calls to be made from any computer at highly competitive rates.


Called JaJah Web, the new service is launching at this very time at, with a special offering of five full free minutes of web telephony to all new users.

The service which is all VoIP based provides full Web-activated telephony, requiring no
download, no installations and no special software to be sued. A web browser is all that it is needed. Not even a headset in necessary.


So far existing VoIP solutions were only popular with technically skilled users on broadband Internet connections: With JAJAH Web, the international VoIP provider breaks down hard- and software barriers and introduces Internet-telephony to the common computer user.

JaJah Web enables ordinary phone calls activated from the web, and carried through competitive VoIP networks at incredibly low rates.

The process is simple: Callers type in their own number (landline or mobile) on, then insert the desired destination number. JAJAH connects the callers.

Here the steps in detail:

  1. Just enter your phone number in the upper field and

  2. the desired destination number in the second field and

  3. click "call".

  4. Your phone will then ring,

  5. pick it up and

  6. you will be connected to your desired destination.

In my own testing the immediacy and ease of use of JaJah Web was nothing short of impressive. As soon as I inserted my number and the one I wanted to call, my phone started to ring immediately. The call audio quality was nothign different from a standard phone call and unless I was the caller, I wouldn't have known that this was a VoIP call activated from a web page.

During the registration process JaJah requires you to add up to three phone numbers (home, office, mobile) which will be assigned to your account, as the numbers from which you can make calls using JaJah Web.


Furthermore JaJah Web allows you to create and build up an easy to use "contact list" in which you can input the telephone numbers you will need to call most frequently. I must say that this feature is particularly well designed and straightforward to use. Contacts are automatically grouped under alphabetically ordered tabs, as soon as they grow in number. Plus editing, update and adding new contacts is very simple.

The actual JaJah Web call is not different from any other normal phone conversation. It costs only a fraction of a traditional phone call. Payments for calls need to be made via a standard major credit card.


"The simple approach of JAJAH Web opens the world of Internet telephony to practically everyone!", explains JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf. Effectively, no cumbersome software downloads and installations are necessary, JAJAH Web can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet and works with any phone, landline or cellular.

Based on the experience with JAJAH´s Webphone, founders Daniel Mattes and Roman Scharf state without hesitation that the most critical point of effective wide VoIP adoption is ease of use.
"For the basic Internet user you need a simple-as-can-be solution. JAJAH Web is the easiest access to VoIP", says JAJAH co-founder and VoIP pioneer Daniel Mattes.

According to the company, the existing JaJah webphone client will be relaunched as a desktop application, to fully integrate VoIP into the daily workflows.

  • Learn more on how simple it is to use this new Internet telephony service.
  • Watch a demo of JaJah Web.
  • Free trial available, includes 5 minutes of free calls excluding calls from and to mobile phones (except for US mobile ones). No registration is needed to use the free trial, but after having used your initial free five minutes you will need to register if you want to make more calls.
  • Calling rates
    JaJah Web calling rates are extremely low and competitive with all VoIP services out there. I personally checked a few reference rates and was positively surprised by the numbers I saw. Here is a set of calling rates from Italy to Thailand showing that calls both to landlines and mobile networks would cost only between 2 and 4 eurocents per minute (EU customers like me need to add also a 15% VAT rate tax).


  • Here is the rates calculator for JaJah web. Just input the phone number you want to be aclling from and the destination one (or the country you want to call), click Search and see immediately the per minute charges that you will incur.


  • Find answers to all your questions about JaJah Web right here.
  • A JaJah help support forum is open and running now.
  • The JaJah web is accessible in English, French, German and Spanish.

JAJAH is the latest brainchild of founders Daniel Mattes and Roman Scharf inspired by the ideas of F. Jajah.

Readers' Comments    
2006-10-30 09:55:10


I would like to have opinions on the capacity of this solution to replace a VoIP system in a company. I think this solution is a complement to the telephony system rather than an alternative.
• The service requires an Internet access (thus a PC or a compatible mobile phone)
• Is Jajah sufficiently protected? In particular in terms of availability of the service, confidentiality and protection against attacks?
• Is it possible to integrate IP services such as a unified directory, presence management and conference call functions?
• Can we still use traditional functionalities such as calls transfer?
• Do you have the knowledge of any companies which set up Jajah?

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