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Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 36

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Sharewood Picnic is my weekly opportunity to share the nest new media picks I have discovered in this last week. These are tools and services that have been either just announced or that I have been able to discover only now. I personally recommend each and everyone of the services and tools listed here and work all the time to make sure that only those that truly deserve it make it to this weekly collection.

Photo credit: Monika Szczygieł

This week new media picks include:

  • Wiki service focusing on simplicity and ease of use
  • Online media center archice for documents, audio and video files
  • News aggregation, filtering and content discovery service
  • Unlimited personal online archive of web clippings and full pages
  • ISBN numbers for electronic media products
  • Discussion forums specific search engine
  • Topic-cloud-based news aggregators family focusing on Google News, technology and web buzz
  • RSS reader and aggregator for mobile Windows Pocket PC devices
  • Mac software opens most popular files without requiring original applications
  • New directory of video blogs and podcasts
  • Online gallery of web-based Mac help guides

Here the details:

  1. Wikispaces


    Wikispaces provides simple wikis for groups of people by focusing their effort on taking the complexity out of them.
    A few things set Wikispaces apart from most other wiki offerings out there:

    • real WYSIWYG editing with full conversion to and from wikitext for those who want to use it

    • public and protected (members-only editing) wikis are free, supported by Google ads

    • private wikis are $5/month or $50/year (with SSL)

    • no limits on spaces, members, pages, etc.

    • every page has a discussion area alongside it

    • visual display of page changes

    • blog integration: link blog pages to wiki pages, import entries

    • RSS feeds for everything: messages, pages, whole spaces.

  2. Streamload
    Streamload MediaMax is officially out beta, with a free storage limit raised from 10 to 25 GB and with the addition of a full-quality video share service. Streamload MediaMax offers a suite of services that allow users to centrally store, organize, access, and share their personal media collections online. Users may upgrade to industry leading 250 GB of online storage space for $9.95 per month. Among its new offerings, Streamload MediaMax features VideoShare, the first full-quality video sharing service of its kind. It enables users to create video albums, preview their videos via automatically created thumbnails, and share full-quality video files (including high-definition video) as easily as they send email. In addition to VideoShare, new features include:

    • PhotoShare -- One-click photo sharing

    • Music, TV and Movie Lockers for automatically organizing files

    • File Manager - for managing personal and business files

    • Tagging

    • Server-side transcoding - one-click file format conversions

    Streamload MediaMax runs on Windows®, Mac OS and Linux.

  3. Inform

    Inform is a free online service tool that provides access to thousands of news sources, including blogs, video, and audio, in a convenient single interface. Inform makes it easy for the reader to get to relevant news faster. Key features include:

    • Browse the top news stories by topic quickly and easily

    • Dig deeper into news stories with the Discovery Path page that displays related news articles and a 'dynamic table of contents' of the subjects relevant to those articles.

    • Personalize your news experience by creating customized news channels

    • Easily read thousands of news sources all in one place, organized by section

    • Flag articles of interest and read them together

    • Click the Related News icon next to an article to see the relevant subjects discussed in that article, and the related articles on those subjects across thousands of sources.

    Inform also provides the ability to find the latest news organized by category, or check out the people, places, and things that are being talked about most in the news, ranked by frequency of mentions.

  4. Hanzo:Web

    Hanzo:web is a free service that enables you to save and archive web pages, collections of linked pages and even whole sites on the web. The beauty of this tool is that you can access and browse these pages or sites even when the original sites cease to exist. Hanzo:webIt is your own personal web archive capable of recording each and every piece of web content relevant to you, archived and accessible forever. Hanzo:web allows an unlimited and permanent record of your interaction with the web to be stored and archived for later use.
    To use Hanzo:web a convenient bookmarklet lets you collect any web page or whole site displayed in your browser's window, with one click. Another tool called "the collector", appearing as a dynamic strip at the top of the page, allow you to add metadata, tags, to check your account status and set collection options. Hanzo:web offers 100 MB of archive space per month or you can buy more space with a Pro account which provides 1 GB per month and full unlimited access for $64 / 54€ per year.

  5. ESBN

    The Electronic Standard Book Number or ESBN is the unique identifier of electronic media. ESBNs are simple and quick to generate and serve as branded identifier for individuals or companies acquiring electronic media such as MP3s, Videos, PDFs, eBooks, Software, etc. ESBNs are simple and quick to generate and serve as branded identifier for individuals or companies developing electronic content and media. ESBNs are assigned and managed by ESBN.ORG. Media IDs can be manually requested or dynamically generated using web service calls by registered ESBN members. While an ISBN number is used to establish and identify uniquely one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher, an ESBN is used to establish and identify one downloaded or issued copy of electronic media such as an e-book, digital document, and streaming audio/video. ESBN.ORG maintains the online database for all legitimate ESBNs issued and registering an ESBN is simple and can be accomplished through online registration or real-time web services via ESBN.ORG. Unlike ISBN charges, ESBN costs are FREE and real-time. Media IDs can be generated as needed even prior to the final publication or sale of digital media items.

  6. Omgili

    Omgili (Beta) is a search engine designed to index web-based discussion forums. Omgili's unique algorithm analyzes forums not as a simple web page, but as an active discussion with a title, topic and replies. Unlike ordinary search engines that prioritize articles and edited web pages, Omgili only indexes discussion forums. Using Omgili's advanced search capabilities you can choose to independently search titles, topics or even just the replies of a discussion. Omgili is the DejaNews of web-based discussion forums.

  7. Techzingo, Newzingo and Buzzingo

    NEWzingo and TECHzingo are two unique news aggregators focusing on very specific topic and news sources.
    While NEWzingo is your map to Google News and constantly watching Google News for new stories, extracting related "tags" and displaying them in a topic cloud, TECHzingo is your map to Technology News and constantly watching, and Last added to this two and just launched a few hours ago is BUZZingo, focusing on games, actors, music, TV and sport news. Buzzingo is essentially created by combining the Yahoo's Buzz Index and the Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature.

  8. Nomad Media Hub

    Nomad Media Hub empowers Windows Mobile Pocket PC users from around the world to create and personalize their very own mobile feed channels. Entirely multimedia-enabled, Nomad Media Hub allows web feed aggregation, multiple channel subscription, channel creation by keyword, playback and support for rich contents formats such as podcasts, videocasts and feed channels powered by Google News, Flickr, Webjay, Podzinger, Fotolia, Blinkx and many other popular social media providers. Nomad Media Hub includes My Nomad Channel Manager, free upgrades plus an entire pre-packaged Interest Channel line-up available on a fully customizable subscription mode. Download the free beta version.

  9. icWord

    For Mac users only, these software allows access to any Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, AppleWorks or ClarisWorks files without ever needing to install any of those applications. If you have trouble opening Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Appleworks and ClarisWorks files on your Mac, icWord allows opening any of those files (and more) while keeping their original formatting intact. You can also "save as" a file or "copy/paste" a selection of content from those files so that you can work with that content in your favorite application. icWord for the Mac costs $19.95. No free try-out available.

  10. Zencast

    ZENcast is a new directory of video blogs and podcasts. Like an iTunes for Zen portable media players, ZenCast is a category-based resource for accessing thousands of video blogs episodes and podcasts. ZenCast provides also the ability to organize, synch-up and create your very own Internet TV programs and share them with the world with a new tool called the ZenCast Organizer. Free.

  11. Usable Help Gallery

    The Usable Help Gallery is a unique online resource showcasing onscreen Mac-related help guides as adopted by software companies and popular web services on the Internet. The gallery contains over 300 images ranging from the online help for AOL IM to iMovie and iTunes. For web developers, interface designers and usability specialists this is a uniquely valuable reference resource that is completely free to access.

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