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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Find Answers To Your Technical Questions: Lockergnome Helpshare


//">Chris Pirillo has just launched //">Lockergnome HelpShare, a new, community-based technology-support answer-service, which allows anyone to post a technical question and to offer a monetary compensation in exchange.

The service, based on the existing //">Helpshare technology, is free to use (until you have a problem you want to pay for someone to solve), and requires only a simple registration. Askers and people providing answers can all be rated according to number of questions submitted, useful answers provided and successful payments made. //">Lockergnome adds up a hefty 20% on your compensation offer (at least it did on my 100 bucks) for itself.

As //">SixApart Movable Type technical support keeps failing at providing me with anything that I would consider worth following up with, I am placing some hope that Chris' own service may indeed help qualified geeks and professionals in search of solutions find each other more easily.

//">I am giving it as try.



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posted by Robin Good on Wednesday, January 4 2006, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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