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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ads Inside RSS: Provide More Quality Information Ad Units

"According to a new study, consumers using RSS readers are more likely to click on an ad presented as a stand-alone post than on ads within posts, at 7.99 percent versus 0.85 percent, Mediapost reports. The study, conducted by Pheedo, shows that one ad for every two articles brings the highest percentage of clicks, at 3.24 percent, rather than with every article, which results in a 1.04 percent click rate."

My personal take is that if there were strips of three or four consecutive ads on a relevant topic they would work even better. When the ad is interpreted as complementary information and not as intrusive advertising message chances are much higher that the reader will look and scan with more attention the information it carries.

I reaffirm my belief that informative ads-only channels, as well as richer text-based ad sections in feeds can indeed produce much better results than the meager ones seen so far.



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posted by Robin Good on Friday, December 16 2005, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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