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Monday, November 28, 2005

9-11: What Mainstream Media Did Not Say

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What if everything you thought you knew about 911 was a big fat lie?


I know it sounds hard to believe that the twin towers were supposedly not taken down by passenger jets, or that there were no arab terrorists, or even that silly idea that the Pentagon was not struck by an airplane. I know well that trying to investigate beyond the surface and seeing that the enemies may not be who we thought they were can really be disheartening, especially to who has strong belief in democracy and truth.

And, in fact, I don't really want to shake anyone's beliefs, nor claim that I have found some new truth about this tragic historic event. But certainly if instead of watching CNN, ABC, CBS and other so-called mainstream media you looked around for the real news that populates the 'net, you too, would have given yourself the option of being properly informed on what really went on during that tragic September 11, 2001.

By looking at some of the lesser known news stories related to this dramatic event, anyone can learn a little more about the actual facts that did not get much coverage during its aftermath.

Fellow communication- and change-agent Sepp Hasslberger picks up some of the most interesting counter-information bits about the 9-11 terrorist attack that didn't get much exposure or visibility yet. In his view: "Probably the greatest mystery to people all over the world is how most Americans don't care to look and if they do, don't think they are responsible for the actions of their government."

I don't know where you stand on this, but I do find the counter-investigative information collected in the reports highlighted below both interesting and illuminating.

Whether you want to buy into facts and information reported here below and make a new picture of what really happened that day, is a choice you will have to make yourself.

The goal here is to get more informed, and to look with critical but curious eyes at what, thanks to mainstream media meticolous and comprehensive coverage, may inadvertently have just passed you by.

Here is a collection of links for those who might have missed some fascinating investigative research that didn't make to your favourite newspaper or TV channel.

9-11 - What Mainstream Media Didn't Tell You


No Cell Phone Calls From Jets and No Arabs On Jets

Passenger Jets Did Not Strike The Twin Towers

  • Fox News: "No windows on Flight 175"
    Fox Employee Witness Said Flight 175 had no windows and did not look like a normal jet
    Watch video clip
  • Do you see a plane?
    "First plane" going into the World Trade Center
    Watch video clip
  • Ret Col. George Nelson
    USAF Expert in Aircraft ID August 8, 2005
    Listen to the audio clip (interview starts about 10 minutes in)
  • John Lear reporting
    His conclusion: only an extremely skilled pilot could have done it.
    Listen to the audio clip (10 min)

Controlled Demolition: Detonators Not Planes Caused The Twin Towers To Crumble To Dust

No Jet Plane Hit The Pentagon

More resources:

Eyewitness Reports Persist Of Bombs At WTC Collapse

The World Trade Center Demolition
The Official Story: The Twin Towers
The Official Story: The Pentagon
What Actually Happened?
Evidence for Explosives in the Twin Towers
Did the Twin Towers Collapse on Demand?

Flight175 Photo Analysis





The situation with mainstream press reporting isn't much better in the UK.

Documentary filmmaker John Pilger points the finger at the BBC and says that war reporting out of Iraq has been decidedly one-sided. His recent article in the New Statesman makes it quite clear where you should be getting your news and information. A good read: John Pilger - recommends the world wide web

Read more about what the mainstream media doesn't tell you, on these counter-information sites:

  1. Health Supreme

  2. NoMorefakeNews

  3. WhatReallyHappened

  4. Sepp Hasslberger -
    Reference: Health Supreme [ Read more ]
Readers' Comments    
2009-01-29 13:40:13

Bill McGowan

Shane Sanders, I am truly sorry for your loss, I got engaged on Sept. 10, 2001 instead of celebrating we sat and channel hopping between CBC, CNN and Fox as planes crashed into and people jumped off the twin towers. Death is a fact of life, despite all our progress no one lives forever ... I should know I suddenly lost both my parents before I was 26 yrs old.
Unfortunately your post would be more authoritative were it not for the 43 others all of whom claim to be surviving 'grieving family (blood relations) of flight 11's pilots :- Thomas 'Tom' McGuinness, 42, Portsmouth, N.H., First Officer
John Ogonowski, 52, Dracut, Mass., Captain
Perhaps you really meant the Cabin crew
Barbara Arestegui, 38, Marstons Mills, Mass., flight attendant
Jeffrey Collman, 41, Novato, Calif., flight attendant
Sara Low, 28, Batesville, Ark., flight attendant
Karen Martin, 40, Danvers, Mass., flight attendant
Kathleen Nicosia, flight attendant
Betty Ong, 45, Andover, Mass., flight attendant
Jean Roger, 24, Longmeadow, Mass., flight attendant
Dianne Snyder, 42, Westport, Mass., flight attendant
Madeline Sweeney, 35, Aco-cton, Mass., flight attendant

Assuming your dad was Tom McGuinness Co-Pilot which are you Jennifer 16, or Tommy 14, (Syracuse Post Standard, Dec 1st 2008) because John Ogonowski, Captain had all girls, Laura, 16; Caroline, 14; and Mary, 11 (The 2996 Project: Remembering Capt. John Ogonowski)... So you're really Tommy McGuinness Jnr, can you explain why you didn't use your real name on this forum? Ironically there is a NJ student(Googlemyspace)by the very same name you posted under!!

Wannabe heroes love to wrap themselves in the flag of their patriotism - while real heroes
come home wrapped in the flag they love, by patriots - both deserve to be recognised for what they are.

2008-04-23 09:11:54

jake hewitson

hello what about all of the families that are suffering because they losted loved ones that day so if there was planted bombs in the twin towers how come no one saw them i lost my dads brothers son in that doomed day

2008-02-18 02:37:37


David's response is quite easy to break down in a grammatical sense and yes, he does make some rash statements like 'the fact of the matter is..' but he does have a point regarding the physics of building demolition, and he is correct in his assertion that the only 3 steel-framed skyscrapers to come down from fire all came down on the same day, and were all owned and insured by the same man, (L Silverstein). My physics knowledge comes from tertiary education, not pre-school though, and I am convinced that the weight of the above stories falling onto existing structural support would result in a gradually quickening drop of the building structure, not a near-gravity speed drop from start-to-finish as was witnessed. Also, considering the point of impact on each tower, the building support was compromised in an uneven way so thus should have pitched at even a slight angle destroying surrounding buildings, not fallen into a neat pile of rubble in the footprint of the building.

And although I don't believe that the republicans or Democrats, or indeed any major American political institution is inherently evil, I DO believe that certain individuals and or organisations would have a lot to gain financially from the outcome of an attack of this magnitude on the US - especially those aligned with war-based activity.

I really think there should be a re-opening of the investigations even if it proves fruitless as at least it will show recognition of the myriad of interpretations of what happened that day with the given evidence. For example, Camera Footage from highways over which Flight 77 directly flew (according to its Black-box data) could do a great deal to enlighten disbelievers to the folly of their thoughts - yet this footage is classified and not released - considering the implications of releasing such footage in terms of confirmation, is this not a strange and illogical move by departments with authority of this evidence to withhold it?

So Chip, whilst your excessively verbose response succeeded in partially discrediting the post by the David, you did little to address the issues on which he was talking - namely the empirical evidence in the form of footage from that day clearly showing the hallmarks of a controlled building demolition. The so-called 'facts' and 'evidence' are there and readily available on-line (look for footage of the tower collapses there are thousands, and especially building 7), however they are obscured amidst talk of anti-patriotism, disrespect to the lost, and crazed conspiracy. If a crime report submitted on a robbery had as many holes and omissions as the 911 commission would it have resulted in conviction?

2008-01-06 03:58:24

Chip Whitley

Oh David you make me laugh.

In Response to your comment “First off it helps to understand the English language,” I agree you SHOULD understand the English language, especially when attempting to call another on improper use of it.

When you were responding to the comment “And now, ‘conspiracy theory’ is a conspiracy?” you went into a “lesson” on the definitions of the words he used but did not seem to end your lesson making any point or correction to his use/understanding of the English language. First I would like to say that he did use proper English and did not seem to display an improper understanding of what he was saying. By the way you did not place quotations around what he said making it at first look as though you were making the statement, so your improper use of English writing can confuse some. Anyway, he used a question mark making what he said a question not a statement. So this means that he is either seriously asking or sarcastically asking if theorizing a conspiracy is in itself a conspiracy. It is not because it is not a crime to theorize anything (as far as I understand). So I am not sure where you are correcting him. You instead just went on “explaining” how both understandings of events are theories, yet I don’t believe he made any statement to the contrary (at least not explicitly).

Also you stated “The simple fact of the matter is…” when you really should have said “The simple theory of the matter is” because unless you can irrefutably demonstrate the physics and other evidence (with exact mathematical information) of your theory to us you cannot claim they are facts (though they may be) because the entirety of your theory involves many events making it more complex than one scientific fact commonly taught in school such as the fact of gravity. Also I did not know any school taught that level of physics (or research) in preschool. If you could let me know which preschools do, I may consider sending any of my future children there.

Your use of the word “ignorant” as an insult, equating to stupid or unintelligent, just shows your ignorance of proper the English language. I say proper because I am not referring to words that are placed in the dictionary though they are not legitimate. Though dictionaries (especially online ones) may include your improper usage in their definitions it is still not grammatically correct, they also include ain’t, and irregardless so… “Ignorant” actually is referring to someone who is unaware of something. For example, I am ignorant of how to build an airplane. I cannot simply BE Ignorant, which would suggest that I literally know nothing about anything. You could have said “the over-emotional and those ignorant of physics (insert subject person lacks knowledge of in place of ‘physics’ when appropriate) have a choice,”.

However a person who is not up to your level of eloquence does not necessarily make them “low thinkers” just that they are not as capable, or are just choosing not to express themselves in that manner. I know of many intelligent people who have the disadvantage of not being so eloquent when angry or heated but even if you threw in profanities in your comments would you feel that they are automatically (in their entirety) disqualified from being considered correct in any way? I feel that only the foolish would seek out petty reasons to discount everything a person believes. I hope you can see that, as this is what I have done with you. Should everyone ignore your thoughts because of your grammatical errors?

Mr. Sanders states that his father knew the pilots on that flight. Do you think that they were in on the conspiracy? I mean think about it. You would have to find people to go along with these attacks. You would have to have people willing to hijack the planes (there was at least one) and intentionally suicide attack the towers. Also you would have to find demolition experts willing to plant explosives in the tower and the pentagon. Some say that the pentagon was shot by missile so you would have to have a crew to do that. ALL of these conspirators would have to keep that entire plan secret AND be evil enough to agree to execute the plan. THEN all you liberals, (who constantly refer to President George W. Bush as an idiot, stupid etc…) are glad to claim that the President is all of a sudden smart enough to plan and orchestrate all that. And even those of you who would say the President was not aware of the conspiracy but was some kind of pawn would then have to believe that Republicans in general are evil enough to actually get together to plan the attacks. It seems to me that that is a very unintelligent and adolescent thought process. No matter how much you disagree with Republicans politics, and beliefs it is ridiculous that you would actually be taken in by this. If this happened to America when Clinton was president I certainly would not be foolish enough to start crying conspiracy on democrats and Clinton. I would have to believe there are enough collective (and powerful) democrats that are so evil that they would do such a thing. No matter how much I disagree with democrats politics I would not believe them capable of such a thing. Do you think that republicans are a cult with secret meetings training us from berth to pretend to be normal but are really violent fanatics prepared to accept/commit evil acts of that magnitude? And we would do all the above for an excuse to just go kill people for the fun of it?

Forget that we liberated the country from an evil mass murdering dictator. Did you think that liberation or war would be an easy happy walk in the park? Some of you may say that is why we should not have bothered. But that is the most selfish and cowardly stance a person can have. If you were a kid and there were multiple bullies beating up little kids, and you were big enough to stop one would you not get involved because it is better to stay out of conflicts or other peoples business or if you cant stop them all why try any? Yes many people died and are still dying but they are dying for something they believe in. Would you say that leaving a dictator who would continue to murder his people over and over for years to come is better than sacrificing lives now to try to stop it in the long run? Maybe the new president is a bad one but at least the people got to chose democratically. Though we cannot foresee the future does not mean we should not help. There may be a select few troops that disagree with the war but they are not the majority. I believe that there was a petition for troops to sign that was intended to show that the troops wanted to withdraw but only about .02 signed. Yet though it is a breathtakingly low number some news tired to report it as a demand from the troops to pull out. The news reports the disasters and the carnage because that is more entertaining yet there is massive improvement in schools, medical supplies, and technology. But no one cares about any of that. The troops have the courage to make a difference and risk/sacrifice their lives for that cause and it is just insulting when people brandish slogans of “Support our Troops bring them home”, people who say such things are cowards hiding their heartlessness behind “Supporting Troops” but you do NOT support them you cannot have it both ways.

2007-11-20 20:19:39


And now, "conspiracy theory" is a conspiracy?

First off it helps to understand the English language,

Conspiracy -an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

(i.e. if 9/11 was caused by either al-Qaeda or Neo-cons it is still a conspiracy)

Theory - a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.

(as there has been no independent investigation both the official story and the false flag story are both theories)

So the question is, which "conspiracy theory" do you chose to believe?

...The one that servers the interest of those profiting from the war "suppose the people who made money from wars where in a position to start wars"

...or the one that supports the laws of physics....

2007-11-20 17:21:10


Shane Sanders, Duane Barela and the likes are obviously "low-thinkers", as demonstrated by their need to criticize with childish language... The simple fact of the matter is that the official story does not fit in with the laws of physics (a known fact to any one who has done even the simplest pre-school level research), and although the US President may have placed himself above US and International Law it is impossible to be above the Laws of Physics... People can lie but the Laws of Physics are only capable of telling the truth and nothing but the truth, (although I assume Shane & Duane disagree). It's the questions that have not been answered that point the direction of blame at the Neocons, they have gained far more then al-Qaeda both in implementing draconian laws and in financial war profiteering. And where are the answers to these questions... How come at lest 9 of the alleged highjackers "claim" to still be alive. How did a pan caking building fall at a constant free-fall speed when inertia and mass would have slowed the rate of fall -without the help of explosives. Why have the only three Steel-frames High-rise building to ever collapse from fire damage anywhere in the world all occurred on the one day at the one location, remembering that NO plane hit building 7... 911 was a False Flag operation much like the Golf of Tonkin or the USS Main... the over-emotional and the ignorant have a choice, either write abusive ad hominis responses to internet articles that do not conform to their idea of a comfortable reality or simply to educate yourself... (but first you will need to learn to read)

2007-09-13 16:39:43

Shane Sanders

Listen, anyone that says passanger airplanes did not hit the world trade center are conspiracy ass holes that have no regard for the lives lost aboard those planes. My father was the pilot who flew flight 11, Boston to L.A., (the first plane to hit the trade center) nearly ever other week. He traded flights with a friend of his two days before September 11 to fly to El Salvador instead. He knew the pilots that were aboard that flight, and having flown with them knew they would never give up the plane without a fight and died trying to protect those on board. So FUCK YOU for dumbing down the situation to nothing but a government conspiracy to kill 2700 Americans, send the stock market into the toilet, and destroy our only country-wide transportation system (the airline industry for those of you who are ignorant). If my dad had not switched flights, he would have died in the cockpit of that plane trying to protect innocent American lives, and all you can do is attempt to make facts that do not even come together and make assumptions based on nothing that everyone who died on september 11, died in vain.

2007-03-26 14:03:54

Duane Barela

what really happened is you people did way to many drugs in your lives and have fried your brains What you believe is a crock of shit and nobody should take you as for real.

2007-03-25 19:57:43

Mr Ivanov

If I will become a millioner one day, I will donate one million dollars to people like you, who keep trying to teach something to all of these ignorant, stupid and liyng bastards.

You have to forget your intelligence when you are living in a capitalistic land.

The strengh here is in the currency, you can buy everything and everyone.

You certainly don't have to think when your ass is comfortably installed on the couch...

Anyway, Robin Good is inspiring the respect.

2005-12-07 19:57:13


Right -- and we didn't go to the moon, either!

And now, "conspiracy theory" is a conspiracy?

I find this stuff so depressing -- in the guise of keeping an "open mind," you're letting in a lot of foolishness and giving credence for a lot of wackos.

2005-11-30 16:33:15


Very intresting post Robin.

I have read a lot about the pentagon plane not being real, but who knows.

It hit the only section that was updated with "airplane protection" which I found rather odd...

The plane in PA could of been shot down, they never released the blackbox no way to know.

BUT, I was in NY, and that was no joke. It was a war zone. I saw things that I day I never want to remember, or forget?

It was sad to see middle-eastern people being beeten nearly to death on the streats for weeks afterwords. That did not make the news really.

All over the state there was horrible homocides and beatings against people of middle-eastern decent. And why? They did not do anything wrong...they where just normal Americans like us...just with a different heritage.

But, I do agree with you that the news really let the public down on asking hard questions, they just took what they where fed.

Was it a plot by our own government?

God only knows....or is it Ala?

2005-11-28 23:45:40


Robin -

I appreciate your response and note the spirit under which you recommended the alternative news site. That said, there are hundreds of news sites that offer alternatives to the traditional mainstream media that stay within the realm of reality. To make your point using a site that is clearly exploitive of ignornace and/or disillusionment does not extend your point particularly well.

That said, I remain a loyal reader in no small part because I suspect that pumping your sister site had more to do with business than the larger point. I hope I'm right.


2005-11-28 19:21:35


The mainstream media also has brainwashed people and prepared them for things like this. They have invented this "conspiracy theory" term especially for this. Conspiracy? isn't all the main stream media report about when it comes to the so called terrorism just theories? everything is based on one information from one biased side (the government) which is proven a bunch of liers. Man, even it's now proven that they started a war and killed over 100 000 innocent people they still going on and killing and bombing, incl. chemical weapons, tortures and so on..

2005-11-28 16:15:07

Robin Good

Jake, I was ready for this and I will to pay the popularity drop that this will cause me.

I believe that my mission is not only to be reporting about new media technologies effectively but also in providing access to news and information to information that is not otherwise readily available and which can be of great use to anyone, no matter of what political belief.

I respect your different view on things, and all that I am really suggesting is that we also consider more often the looking into other non-mainstream views of what may have realy happened...unless you are happy with the existing ones.

2005-11-28 15:24:04


Robin -

I saw the site you discuss yesterday, noting that it was from the same group of blogs underwhich you publish. Being an avid reader of your site, I was saddened and disappointed that your publisher would support such a site. I am more disappointed that you would acknowledge it. This post on your blog makes it clear that you too are willing to traffic in rumor, inunendo and conspiracy theory. You have lost some of the credibility you have built with this reader (customer) over the last year that I have read your blog on a daily basis.


posted by Robin Good on Monday, November 28 2005, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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