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Monday, November 21, 2005

Advertisers Can Now Choose Their Sites: Google Opens The Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up

Just before the weekend Google announced a new advertising feature that will allow advertisers to select the specific sites on which they will want their ads to appear on.

Google stated that this new feature, known as Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, will allow independent publishers to hook and leverage the trust they have built with smaller and loyal avdertisers.

These, will find it easy to target selected sites either via the special links that online publishers will be able to place on their sites.

Previously, advertisers seeking to market on Web sites using Google's syndicated AdSense advertising system had to enroll through Google's AdWords program and list sites where they wished their ads to be featured.

The new on-site instant sign-up feature will bind online publishers and advertisers in a more productive and direct relationship allowing publishers to have more control on how how advertisers select ads on their sites.

This gives a lot more thrust to the initiative and marketing abilities of independent online publishers to better leverage their advertisign potential in more varied and flexible ways, in which Google provides the supporting infrastructure and ad management facilities.



Advertisers signing in through the new instant sign-up custom landing page will create site-targeted ads that automatically target the specific site on which they clicked, just like Blogads has been doing for a few years now.

As for other types of site-targeted ads, advertisers will bid for becoming part of your showcased ad your inventory based on a pay-per-impression basis. The custom ads that advertisers will create will compete against all other content-targeted ads which would have qualified for display on your site - providing an extra new opportunity for increased monetization by online publishers.

"It is a message to publishers that you can still own and manage your own advertising relationships", said Gary Stein, an analyst with Jupiter Research in San Francisco.
(Source: Reuters - Google lets Web sites sign up advertisers directly)

The new feature is designed to allow Web sites to sign up smaller advertisers while leaving the headaches of managing the production and billing process to Google's automated software.

Advertisers wishing to advertise directly on a Web sites using the new syndicated Google advertising program will be able to click on an "Advertise on This Site" link that will take them to a dedicated Google page. There they will be able to create a custom AdWords ad for that specific Web site.

The new "Advertise on This Site" text link appears at the bottom or end of each Google AdSense strip published on any site that has joined the program.


Online publishers are allowed to customize the landing page advertisers will see with a logo, a custom color scheme, and a site description.

If you are an online publisher and have an open Google AdSense account you can do the following to test this new feature right now:


1. Log in to your AdSense account.

2. Under the My Account tab, visit the Account Settings page.

3. Scroll down to the Onsite Advertiser Sign-up section and click 'edit.'

4. Upload a logo for your site.

5. Use the default description, or create your own to highlight key information you'd like advertisers to know about your sites.

6. Choose the color scheme for your landing page.

7. Click Save changes.

That's all. Google does the rest for you.

According to Google the new Advertise On This Site links will appear in the coming next two weeks on the sites of those opting in.

If you have a Google AdSense account you are automatically opted in by Google, and therefore you have nothing else to do but customize your landing page.

Please note that as of now, Google allows the creation of only one landing page for each AdSense account and that the free service does not report information on how many advertiser sign-ups are made a site dedicated links.

More info.
All your questions answered by Google on this new
On-Site Advertiser Sign-Up.

More information on this new service will become shortly available on

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Reference: Reuters [ Read more ]
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2005-11-22 17:17:04

Dave Taylor

Great stuff, Robin. I've written about the "advertise on this site" feature since it was in early beta and thought your readers might be interested in my own perspective and tutorials too:


Hope they're helpful.

2005-11-22 17:12:59

Dave Taylor

Great stuff, Robin. I've written about the "advertise on this site" feature since it was in early beta and thought your readers might be interested in my own perspective and tutorials too:


Hope they're helpful.

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