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Saturday, November 5, 2005

World Information Society: Grassroots Media Access And Press Clearinghouse

Journalists looking for free, up-to-date resources, news and debate on the information society can get all this and more on a new website called 'i-Witness'.


The i-Witness website is being launched ahead of the final stage of the World Summit on the Information Society (Tunisia, 16-18 November 2005), and aims to help journalists worldwide get to grips with the many controversial but often under-reported information society topics - from bridging the digital divide to controlling the internet.

Through the i-Witness website, journalists will be able to access a series of topic briefing papers, an online experts database and researched links to essential background information.


Journalists can also contribute their own views and experiences of reporting on this often highly technical and difficult subject via an online discussion forum.



Developed by leading international media NGO, Panos London, i-Witness is one of several activities to help journalists, particularly those in developing countries, report on a subject that is having a growing
economic and cultural impact, but one that many people in developing
countries are in danger of being left out of completely.

According to Panos London's Murali Shanmugavelan, journalists have a crucial role to play in not only reporting on the information society but also in actually shaping it.

"If the information society is all about exchange and flow of
," says Shanmugavelan, "then the media is best placed to invoke this debate given that this is what their business is about. The media needs to question key aspects of the information society such as:

  • who controls information,

  • who has rights to information and

  • how profit influences the agenda."

Panos London will be taking a team of developing-country journalists to the Summit, where they will file stories for their own national newspapers, and give more personal insights on the upcoming i-Witness blog.

The i-Witness site allows any individual to get in touch with Panos selected experts and to receive feedback and information on a broad range of topics from ICT to communication rights.

Join the debate and share your views in the i-Witness Debate area.

journalists shaping the information society.

Murali Shanmugavelan -
Reference: Panos London
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