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Monday, September 26, 2005

AIDS Causes: Are We Given The Straight Facts From Mainstream Media?

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According to emerging research data coming from independent news sources, the possibility that AIDS is the unintended result of biological warfare seems to be more than just a possibility.

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The vast majority of alternative AIDS researchers such as Duesberg - those who understand that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS - believe that AIDS does not have a special viral cause at all.

Their claim - and they have lots of good evidence - is that in the US it is caused by toxic trauma and/or malnutrition, and that in developing countries it is just a convenient label given to people who are dying of mundane causes - malnutrition, typhoid, TB, - all of the ordinary, known diseases of poverty.

This is what Sepp Hasslberger of Health Supreme just reports of a recent email exchange with Jonathan Campbell a US health consultant.

"I came at the AIDS puzzle from a completely different angle.

When I first started doing research on AIDS, I was fascinated and horrified with the fact that it seemed to appear first on Haiti and then spread to San Francisco and New York. A doctor treating two of the first AIDS patients - two Haitian immigrants in Boston - Dr. Joseph Viera, suggested that the disease had been carried to SF and NYC by gay men traveling to Haiti, since it was a popular vacation spot. He had no idea why it was in Haiti in the first place.

Then when I was in NYC for a protest demonstration in the early 80s I found a flyer that claimed that African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) had been cultured in Haiti in the late 60s and early 70s for use in biological war against Cuba. ASFV kills pigs by wrecking their immune systems. This was substantiated by an article several years later, citing that the US had sent the National Guard to Haiti to exterminate the native wild pig population of Haiti because it was infested with ASFV. There were other articles as well: research by Drs. Jane Teas and John Beldekas that they had discovered ASFV infection in men who had AIDS, clusters of AIDS and ASFV in Belle Glade, Florida where Haitian immigrants had smuggled pigs from the island, and prevalence of ASFV in Zaire among pigs where the epidemic of AIDS seemed to be centered at the time in Africa.

There was a missing link, however.

Where on earth did Gallo's new retrovirus, HIV, come from, and why did it seem to be prevalent among men who had AIDS?"

If that wasn't enough, Sepp Hasslberger, goes further into unearthing earthshaking news from another independent medical researcher: Professor Don Scott.

AIDS is a US government operation directed towards population control, which springs from secret research into disease causing agents conducted in government biowar laboratories.

That is the view of Donald W. Scott, M.A., M.Sc. of the Common Cause
Medical Research Foundation
, a group in Canada which publishes the Journal of Degenerative Diseases. In a special edition by Progressive Convergence made available for download here (PDF), the 36-page journal attempts to make a murky chapter in recent medical history more clearly understandable - up to a point.

Professor Don Scott

Scott has delved deeply into the paper trail left by what seems to be a government funded effort to develop disabling diseases and to find ways to transmit these to a target population, time coincident with the appearance of "AIDS" on the world scene.

We learn about Thomas Merigan, who wrote in 1971 about "Viral infections in man associated with acquired immunological deficiency states", about Robert Huebner's research for the US Navy into spontaneously degenerating adenoid tissue aggravating respiratory disease in submarine crew, as well as Bjorn Sigurdsson's Rockefeller sponsored research into brucella bacteria causing visna (danish for wasting) sheep disease.

In this fascinating account, Henry Kissinger figures prominently and so does Robert Gallo (the co-discoverer of the HIV virus) is of course a king pin, linking the Nixon "war on cancer" research program with the eventual appearance of AIDS.

That there was indeed a US Special Virus program is confirmed by Boyd Graves, who has been researching the matter independently. His AIDS timeline visualizing the development of a disabling disease agent that became what we have come to call as AIDS is available here.

But so then, what really causes Aids?

Whether AIDS is indeed caused by a virus coming out of a government program, that is, whether the program was successful and is now in full swing, or whether it is - as Jonathan Campbell says - the result of an accidentally "escaped" bioweaponized swine fever virus is immaterial for now.

It might be neither of these two.

I still have some doubts, not about the existence of the program, but about the mechanism that makes people ill. I have challenged Graves saying that yes, there may have been a government effort to develop such a virus, but what about the abundant data that shows that:

  • HIV was never properly isolated

  • HIV is not present in sufficient numbers in the blood of 'infected' victims to explain the damage done
  • there is no proper test to unequivocally prove infection with HIV
  • AZT and other anti-retroviral drugs are highly toxic killing the patient rather than the virus
  • those of the 'infected' that keep away from drugs and strengthen their own immune system by proper nutrition and other natural intervention seem to survive and indeed rarely if ever progress to those 'opportunistic' diseases that make up AIDS.

All those things would seem to indicate that quite possibly, HIV may have nothing to do with what's called the clinical picture of AIDS and that most of the damage could actually be done by the cure that is so ardently advocated by one and all - that cure which is not a cure at all, but it is the only accepted way of medical intervention.

Peter Barry Chowka put this quite succinctly in a recent article, when he said:

"Incredibly, the conventional war on AIDS, like no other issue in history, has succeeded in uniting left and right, liberals and conservatives, and evangelicals and nonbelievers in a lock-step march toward institutionalizing the pharmaceutical drug treatment paradigm worldwide right down to every last person on earth. If this sounds like an exaggeration, consider the fact that the expressed objective of policymaking HIV/AIDS control proponents is to test everyone on the planet for HIV and treat everyone who tests HIV positive with antiretroviral drugs, even infants who test HIV negative if their mothers test positive. It is an absolute act of modern heresy and guaranteed career suicide for anyone in any position of power and authority to challenge the dominant HIV/AIDS mega-spin including the belief in the monolithic HIV/AIDS-test-and-treat-with-drug strategy that is now completely operant at every level of public policy around the world."

it would be immensely useful to know what went on behind closed doors in the US biolabs for at least a decade and a half before the sudden emergence of AIDS.

But in the meantime, are we to let thousands upon thousands die from no treatment or wrong treatment?

Find out what Communication Agent Sepp Hasslberger has further reported about it.

Sepp Hasslberger -
Reference: Health Supreme [ Read more ]
Readers' Comments    
2005-11-02 07:01:23

Robin Good

For those missing credentials see:

Validity of HIV/AIDS Tests Challenged by a new Lawsuit

...."Please do everyone the favor of educating yourself in the basic science of the issue before "helping" with any more articles. I've lost friends - too many - to this disease."...

And you will continue to lose more unless you learn that people don't have deficiency of some magic bullet... Read: Why They Continue To Ignore The AIDS/HIV Selenium Connection?

Like many, he seems to be 'lost in space" and for all his education still has not able connected the dots... if the official, mainstream research, he so proudly touts, keeps ignoring the basic nutrient building blocks, then how can this be a reliable resource of information?

See also: AIDS trial in Botswana

See also: HIV: A Tragic Error

2005-11-02 06:03:52


"and they have lots of good evidence "
yeah? what? where ?
Too easy to say so...Looks like not much research work was done before writting the article.

2005-09-27 07:21:38


Curious, thought-provoking and material for a sci-fi hollywood thriller. Frankly, turned my head around at the whole issue of HIV/AIDS. How much do I know apart from what I have been told? Whatever the truth/fact/reality/otherwise,HIV IS HERE TO STAY FOR A LONG TIME TO COME. So, useful to mull over this angle even as we focus on dealing with the omniscience of HIV.

2005-09-26 21:57:12

Alessandro Azzurro

To Brad:
You are absolutely right about the denialism that is very inherent to people like those behind Progressive Convergence, just to mention Noam Chomsky alone. Also, I deeply believe that these people are not an alternative to mainstream media, but they are an integral part of it. Because there are many mainstream media, you know. There are those who are pro-American, and there are those who are anti-American. Just being anti-American does not imply that you provide an alternative mainstream media. And believe me, I know what I am talking about.
But to the article itself - I think Sepp just brings these issues as curious episodes and things that are worth thinking about.
He himself hardly questions the "a là Chomsky" issue.
The important thing is that we keep discussing the AIDS issue and keep an eye on it, because the topic itself is extremely important.

2005-09-26 18:26:26


Sounds to me like a lot of speculation, illusory correlation, and denialism. The only "evidence" that HIV does not cause AIDS I've ever been shown has been nothing more than focused attacks on other peoples' research. When any of the assertions made in this article are backed up by peer reviewed scientific research, then you'll have something newsworthy.

P.S. here's news for you:

Mother who denied HIV link faces police investigation after daughter dies of AIDS

posted by Robin Good on Monday, September 26 2005, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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