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Friday, August 19, 2005

Idea Exchange: A Proposal for a Collaborative System

Here is an idea for everyone interested in sharing ideas to change the world!

Libertes Philosophica or "the right to think" was a phrase coined by Giordano Bruno, a controversial Italian Renaissance philosopher who challenged the authorities by daring to think beyond the common beliefs and dogmas of his times.

ideologi takes up the challenge again and proposes an idea for an open Internet-based system that facilitates colaborative exchange of ideas and the creative identification of innovative solutions to a problem.

There are no technical specifications for the system, but what the author is looking for is really your opinion ad feedback as to whether this would work or not.

In essence this is a public proposal to collaboratively design a sustainable system to share thoughts with others: a universal exchange of ideas.

Each participant is involved in judging and scoring the answers submitted from her fellow participants in a reviewing method called the Discovery Process.

Find out more and provide yor own feedback...



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