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Friday, August 12, 2005

Virtual Teams Path To Effective Collaboration Is Not Technology-Based

To make virtual business-based networked team work effectively we spend way too much time and resources focusing on the technologies and software tools which would best retrofit our needs for improved, faster and more efficient communications.


We test, compare, review and experiment tons of new tools searching for features and facilities that can supposedly best support the many different work situations we need to face.

But when it comes down to online collaboration, team coordination and management, there are so many human-based variables at play, so many critical components to effective information exchange, workflow distribution and knowledge sharing, that delegating technology to take the full responsibility of the solution can only do so much to improve our collaboration and cooperation efficiency.



This is why, as a researcher of new media technologies and scout of new and more effective ways to online collaboration I have diven early and deep into the invitation made to me a few months ago by Ken Thompson.

"As enterprises gradually decentralize their operations and new networked business ecosystems start to find their way into profitable niche marketplaces, virtual, networked business teams gradually emerge as the wave of the future.

To be successful, virtual, networked business teams need a strategic framework in which to operate.

They also need good planning and in-depth project analysis, effective and accessible technologies, constant coaching, systematic fine-tuning, feedback processes and the full understanding that their success cannot be determined by a pre-designated set of communication technologies by itself.

But, until now, projects supported by virtual business teams have not been brought back major successes."

Today, me and Ken have published a new presentation focusing on fixing three typical operational teams issues without adding extra technology.

If you are into making your virtual team more effective this is something you may want to look into.

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