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Monday, June 20, 2005

Best Web Presentation Tools: June 2005 Update

To effectively deliver a PowerPoint presentation or screen recording on the Web, the traditional means of converting individual slides to GIF and JPG image files is not effective anymore.

It is cumbersome, it takes time, it forces you into a fixed screen resolution, it pushes accepting compromises in image quality when you have presentations containing both simple diagrams and photographs, it creates large files that are slow to download, and it requires the presenter to upload all of this converted stuff to an FTP server.

Not exactly what a non-technical person can do best.

On top of this, most presentations create nowdays are boring enough, and unless you add some effective audio narration and some useful links or complementary notes, not many readers are going to be able to make sense of your bullets.

So what are you to do?



Here some good guidance.

In about 35 mins. of effective audio visual show, I can give you a good roundup of the best rich-media web presentation tools that are available out there.

Having tested more than 90 real-time conferencing and collaboration solutions in the last 12 months, I am becoming good at sensing what is ready for the market and what is just and experiment in new technology.

So, if you want to deliver high-quality, audio-enabled presentations on the Web in a professional and reliable fashion, here is my updated roundup of rich-media web presentation tools, including a clear explanation of which ones are the true, dedicated web presentation tools, which are the differences with other products that claim to be web presentation technologies, and the rough costs and features each one has to offer.

Comments, feedback, additions and critiques are all more than welcome.

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