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Friday, June 10, 2005

Becoming Independent: Possible Roads For Musicians And Videomakers

Given the amount of affordable new media tools available today it is no surprise to hear how many would-be musicians and video- film-makers are working at trying to break in through the system while making an impact.

But is this the best way to go?

Scott Singer, musician, San Francisco: award-willing talent with nowhere to go?

If the marketplace for entertainment is indeed being deeply transformed by new media forces pushing from the bottom up, should there be a better, smarter way for independent artists to make it?

What are the things that an independent musician or videomaker can do to leverage the many possibilities offered by the convergence of low-cost production tools, the Internet, broadband access, unlimited online storage space and bandwidth, and new licensing options such as the Creative Commons?

How can they ride the opportunities offered by the Long Tail?



In this Good conversation with Anita Campbell I reply to many of these questions while providing my genuine view on how I see independents starting to grab the new wave in intelligent and effective ways.

Anita is CEO a Small Business Trends, an interesting blog dedicated to all issues dear to the world of SOHO (small office - home office) and independents.

She has been quite kind to take me on an online interview in which she gave me plenty of opportunity to cover some of the topics that are dearest to my heart.

As I progress in my path as an online entrepreneur, publisher and analyst of the new media-related universes I perceive more and more clearly that a new more specific mission is emerging for me in the future.

It is in fact in empowering these very artists and natural communicators, such as musicians and video-makers that I desire to further realize my social nursing path.

They are the ones who, among the weak, would benefit the most from my support. They are the ones who need most help in finding new intelligent paths to sustainability and more effective communication approaches.

Empowering the artists of the world means also empowering the change-messages that come with them.

And this is indeed what I want to realize above and beyond the commercial and economic success of my micro-publishing business: providing support, reference, ideas and resources to the would-be independent artists of this world.

I'll have to learn and research a lot more to be really good at this, but this is positively where I am heading next. I like to help, and if I can give support to those who are most talented to convey messages and to make people see, think and reflect beyond their normal view of reality, then I will be a happy Robin.

In this audio 40' minute interview I share some of the initial ideas that can help independent musicians and film-makers start to see the future in a positive different light.

Click the play button to start listening now

If you prefer to get a written sum-up of my key ideas, you can get it directly from Anita, on her blog.

What's your take on it?

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