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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Online Vision For Independent Movie Production And Distribution

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"In general, filmmakers have been very slow to effectively use the web. The main problem is that we don't think of the web as an integral part of the filmmaking process. Today, a filmmaker might have a website, a Quicktime trailer of the film, some press clippings, a mailing list, and maybe even a blog. That needs to change."


So says Eli Chapman, designer and producer of participatory media and entertainment, on his blog ChapmanLogic. In a recent article, entitled "Models for Sustainable Cinema Download", he provides some commentary and expands on the ideas he presented at the recent meeting of the International Institute for Film Financing (IIFF) held in San Francisco on March 16, 2005.

Eli Chapman

"I believe films need to be produced from inception with the web- and therefore the audience- in mind.

I mean, if the goal is to sell your movie, then by all means don't just make your movie.

What you need to do is create buzz, fans, AND a movie. And you can't expect to create buzz after the fact."

I certainly couldn't agree more.

"The current filmmaking process is like hiding in a box for months and popping out with some new thing that no one's heard of or wants. My presentation points out ways to avoid that and make content *with* the web rather than *for* the web.

'Cause the web is people.

And you just might have to include me in the creative process if you want me to watch your movie, love your movie, and tell all my friends and family to go see your movie. Heck, if you do your job right, I'll be telling everyone to come see my movie.

(By no means am I saying every independent filmmaker needs to be doing these things and that every independent film needs to focus on things like the web and buzz and fans. But if you want to make money from your film, that's what you need to do.

At some point there will be services that do these things for you.

Until then, if you want to make money making your own movies, start learning how to use the web.)"

Eli Chapman's presentation to the IIFF Chapter Meeting is available (as a 2.6 MB PDF of his PowerPoint presentation) on his blog.

Completely coincidently (and possibly uncannily), in the same City, just over a month later, Robin Good will be giving a press conference and making a presentation to a group of journalists, entitled "TheWeblogProject - the new production, delivery and distribution paradigm for independent film-makers."

The live event will be held at 09.30am (PST) this Friday, April the 22nd, 2005 at the City Club, San Francisco. The press conference will also be transmitted live on the Internet, including two-way audio and visuals of the presentation. (login here)

In his presentation, Robin Good will talk about his vision for the future of independent movie production and distribution. He will be capturing the silent revolution in-the-making which will be opening up tremendous new opportunities to many thousands of independent movie producers and directors worldwide.

According to Robin:

"The movie industry and, in particular, the movie distribution system are experiencing profoundly disruptive changes, while traditional entertainment media channels (network TV, radio, newspapers) are losing market share and audiences by the day.

We are about to witness a number of surprising changes that will open up unlimited new opportunities to small and medium sized productions which have had, up until now, very few opportunities. By leveraging the full potential of the emerging new distribution and delivery systems that the Internet is offering, a whole new set of opportunities opens up both for the small and independent film producers/directors"

The key focus of the presentation will include a brief analysis of emerging trends impacting the entertainment industry and user preferences, and the identification of the key factors affecting the deep changes we are about to see in these areas including:

  • Production

  • Distribution

  • Delivery

  • Demand

  • Access

  • To contribute to and complement that vision, Robin Good will also take the opportunity to announce TheWeblogProject, the first movie for, by and about blogs, which takes a fully-forward-looking approach to implement the above ideas in a real world, self-funded project.


    FAQs about TheWeblogProject:

    About The Project
    What Is The Weblog Project?
    Why The Weblog Project?
    Who Are The Stars?
    Distribution and Licensing?
    Who Are The Sponsors?

    How Will Be Produced?
    How Will be Funded?
    How To Participate?
    How To Become a Sponsor?

    How to Discuss and Participate
    Discussion Forum
    TheWeblogProject Wiki

    To see the press conference live on the Internet, including two-way audio and visuals of the presentation, here is the direct link URL.
    PC, Mac and Linux boxes are all welcome.

    If you are a journalist and wish to attend in person, please confirm your seat before the event to:

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