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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Popularity Aggregators Help You Uncover The Most Delicious New Online Resources

Need to find great new online resources everyday?

Here are two little, simple tools that can keep you on top of what is being discovered online.

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Resources like, Furl, Spurl, and several other ones (Linkroll, Feedmarker, delirious, etc.), are excellent grassroots collectors of hundreds of daily resources, pointers to great articles, new sites and tools which would be hard to spot if you were just to follow the PR official newsfeeds and what the mainstream tech news media channels carry daily.

Even by closely tracking the blogosphere, some of these gems would never be found unless a person decided to publicly point to it. And when a trickle of curious resource-seekers start noticing, a swarm of interest is created in a very short period of time, giving immediate relevance and recognition to those discoveries that deserve wide attention.

It is by looking at this sudden swarms of attention toward new resources that you can effectively complement the breaking news coming from the mainstream, the blogs-originated niche specific information streams, with something that emerges out of natural interest from readers, rather than from a subjective decision of a single to cover a product rather than another one.



Here when you see a swarm of attention orbiting toward a new item, capturing hundreds of votes in the arch of one or two days you know you have some pretty powerful attention-grabber to point your eyes to.

So here they are:

  • Trendalicious

    Trendalicious is a near real-time view of website popularity trends as reflected by the social bookmarking service. All URLs that have been posted by a minimum of two people in the past fifty minutes are displayed, ranked by the total number of recent posts.

  • Populicious

    At populicious you have three different ways of looking at the most popular (=interesting) sites that have been showing up on

    1.- New Sites (24h): all the new sites in ordered by popularity. By "new" sites are intended all the sites not present in before yesterday. This is a very good way to find everyday interesting sites.

    2.- New Sites (48h): Same as New Sites (24h) but in last 48h.

    3.- Last 24h popular: here you'll find the most popular delicious sites that have appeared in the last day (both new and old sites) ranked by popularity. In the chart for each item you can also see today's rank compared with yesterday's.

    4.- All time popular: This is the top30 of the most popular sites that have appeared in since February 10th 2005.

What do you think?

Readers' Comments    
2005-05-06 06:07:27

Jonathan Aquino

Robin - I have created a feed that adds descriptions to delicious/popular and Populicious. Saves you from having to click all the links to find out what they're about. I call it "descriptious":

2005-05-02 16:23:53

Stéphane LEE

I just wanted to mention my new site :

Tag Aggregation + RSS = Enjoy !

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