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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Search Champs 2 Launches Officially: Here's The List!

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Sean Carver, key organizer of the MSN Search Champs program just released the new list of participants to the Search Champs 2.


The event, that will bring together some thirty or so technology enthusiasts, will take place April 18-19th on the Microsoft campus in Redmond.

The first edition of the Search Champs went live last October (04) with a varied group of bloggers, tech journalists and Web heads that explored, dissected and suggested without restrain ideas, opportunities and risks in the path to becoming a serious contender to Google hegemony.

The program which can be considered an X-Event for the extended exposure and visibility it keeps drawing to the new MSN Search tool, has been in my opinion a success from multiple points of view.

Not only has Microsoft been able to get a firsthand feedback on key strategic issues by those that shape many of our first opinions and impressions on a new online product/service, but with the Search Champs program MS has also created a positive bond with the team that enables them to increase their reach and exposure within circles and audiences that were traditionally very distant from them.

Don't get me wrong.

If Microsoft hadn't listened to some of the good advice and tips we contributed back in October and thereafter, nobody would be talking much about them today. But the issue is that Microsoft has listened and shown both in practice and its future plans to be moving in more than one direction, that I at least personally, like very much. The first one is: listen without getting defensive, the second one is make it more open.

From the MSN Blog Announcing Search Champs v2:

"In October 2004, about 30 technology enthusiasts from around the world came to our Redmond campus to take part in an early preview of the new MSN Search service and assist us in the development process. The Champs reviewed our product plans from the bottoms up, including the current and upcoming features as well as future ideas that hadn't made it into our first version release. Our goal was to get constructive feedback and to obtain a view of our plans through fresh eyes. We were very pleased with the feedback and were able to make changes, based on suggestions from the Champs, that improved both our initial release and future release plans."

Sean Carver - MSN Search Champs event organizer

The new invitees list for Search Champs includes for now 33 people:

Liz Lawley

Elizabeth Lane Lawley (US)
RSS button mamamusings; Many2Many;
Elizabeth is Associate Professor Information Technology and Director Lab for Social Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the state of New York.
Starting May 2005 Elizabeth will be spending a sabbatical year at Microsoft Research in the Social Computing Group (Sabbatical Details)

Matt Paines

Matt Paines (UK)
RSS button SEO News Blog
Matt runs UK Based Internet Marketing Company XSEO Ltd. Trained as an Electronics Engineer, more familiar with analysing circuit boards and silicon chips, until introduced to using Windows 3.1 in 1994. In 1998, frustrated with paying others to search engine optimise websites, Matt researched the technique and finally gave up the day job to go independent in 2001.

Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart (South Africa)
RSS button Clickthinking
Managing Director of Cape Town-based online marketing company Clickthinking, Peter is responsible for sourcing business (?), project management, client liaison, marketing and developing clients Web strategies.
bio (click on the first profile image)

Paul Aelen

Paul Aelen (Netherlands)
RSS button Dutchcowboys - in Dutch)
CheckIt (in Dutch)

Matt Miller

Matt Miller (US)
ATOM button PalmSolo)

Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo (US)
RSS button C:\PIRILLO.EXE ~ Chris Pirillo

Aurelio Minerbo (Brazil)
(Director of Baboo, Brazil)

Buzz Bruggeman

Buzz Bruggeman (US)
RSS button buzznovation
An Odysseus of modern times, Buzz uses the 'products are conversations' meme to demonstrate the power of ActiveWords, a Windows productivity tool. He travels all over the world and is a frequent speaker at blogging and technology events.

Kris Abel

Kris Abel (Canada)
Kris Abel is the New Technology Expert for Canada AM (CTV Network). He appears regularly on their morning television show to demonstrate and explain leading-edge developments in the entertainment field. Kris's area of expertise is the social and personal adaptation to new forms of communications technology.
(more info)

Greg Boser

Greg Boser (US)
Founded WebGuerilla in 1997. Entrepreneur, so-called 'black-hat' SEO expert, frequent speaker on the SES circuit.
Recent article about Greg in Wired News: Search Rank Easy to Manipulate
(more info)

Marc Orchant

Marc Orchant (US)
RSS button theofficeweblog
Marc Orchant has been building, testing, and sometimes breaking hardware and software for 25 years. Marc is the Storyteller at VanDyke Software, a prolific blogger, co-host of Computer Talk, a weekly radio talk show about computers and technology broadcast in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Austin, Texas, and a self-admitted "gadget freak and software addict".

Robin Good

Robin Good (Italy)
RSS button MasterNewMedia
Robin is the chief editor of the Master New Media micro-publishing network which includes and Masterviews and the Communication Agents Initiative. Robin is a recognized and sought after new media technologies expert and a marketing communication strategist. His articles and essays focus on independent publishing, online collaboration, interface and information design, RSS and many other communication-related topics. Robin Good has recently launched the first open-source grassroots film about bloggers and is also the author of RSS Newsmaster's Toolkit and The Official Guide To Best Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Tools.

(13 old guys from Search Champs 1)

Among the new invitees:

Elizabeth Liddy

Elizabeth Liddy
Professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and Director of its Center for Natural Language Processing, where she leads a team of 15 researchers focused on developing human-like language-understanding software technologies.
December 2004 interview with Elizabeth on WNYC (Please Explain series).

Derek Wheeler

Derrick Wheeler (US)
VP Search Engine Marketing at Marketleap, director of Search Optimization at Digital Impact.
Frequent presenter at webinars and conferences like SES (Search Engine Strategies).
(more info...)

Halley Suitt

Halley Suitt (Boston, US)
RSS button Halley's Comment
Halley writes about women and technology on the multi-author weblog Read her 2003 feuilleton "How To Become An Alpha Male in 18 Easy Lessons". Senior editor at Worthwhile Magazine and publishes her podcast Memory Lane through ITConversations.

Javier Matuk Foto GET

Javier Matuk (Mexico)
Desde el Teclado
Chief executive of the Mexican online service provider Spin Internet; technology market expert and author of a monthly column Report Digital for the Mexican/Latino-American edition of ZDNet publication PC Magazine.
(more info...)

Klaus Patzwaldt

Klaus Patzwaldt (Germany)
Search engine expert and editor/publisher of the German Web magazine @-web, well-known with German Web marketers, SEOs and local search engines. Klaus leads recurring online workshops about professional Web search and search engine optimization. He also works as an SEO consultant and has been a speaker at search engine conferences.
bio (in German)

Mary Hodder

Mary Hodder (US)
RSS button Napsterization;
Tech blogger specializing in distruptive technologies and intellectual property; information architect, interaction designer and internet consultant.
Dec. 2004 article in Wired News magazine: Her So-Called Digital Life

Mauro Lupi

Mauro Lupi (Italy)
RSS button Mauro Lupi's blog
President and co-founder of Ad Maiora, a major web marketing and online advertising agency and search engine marketing company from Rome.

Loïc Le Meur

Loïc Le Meur (France)
RSS button Loïc Le Meur Blog
Executive VP & managing director of Six Apart Europe (TypePad and Movable Type); founder and chief executive officer, Ublog, France.

Ooh Yeoh

Oon Yeoh (Malaysia)
RSS button Internet Time; theSun Blog Page Views
Weekly current affairs column: Heart of the Matter for Sun2Surf, the electronic news and lifestyle companion to the Malaysian daily newspaper theSun.

Rael Dornfest

Rael Dornfest (US)
RSS button Raelity Bytes
Chief Technology Officer at O'Reilly Media, developer of freeware (Bloxsom weblog software) and editor in chief of MobileWhack.
XML-related articles by Rael.

Shari Turow

Shari Turow (US)
Webmaster, search engine marketing specialist and marketing director of
Grantastic Designs, a full-service search engine marketing and design firm.
March 28th, 2005 Article by Shari on Clickz: Eye-Tracking Data and SEO: Keep It in Perspective

Stephanie Leffler

Stephanie Leffler (US)
CEO of MonsterCommerce, a provider of ecommerce storefront solutions and shopping cart systems for small businesses.
(more info...)

Terence Ang

Terence Ang (Singapore)
Regional Managing Editor of the print IT publication HardwareMAG
Terence is featured in an article in Computertimes Asia: Music lessons for kids
(more info...)

Todd Friesen

Todd Friesen (Canada)
Owner/Founder Oilman Promotions (provider of search engine optimization solutions; affiliate program management and consulting) and WebmasterWorld Administrator

Annalee Newitz

Annalee Newitz (US)
RSS button AlterNet; Techsploitation
Freelance writer on tech, pop culture and sex; media coordinator/policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Nathan Torkington

Nathan Torkington (US)
RSS button use Perl;; O'Reilly Developr Weblogs
Perl specialist

Brandon Paddock

Brandon Paddock (US)
RSS button Brandon Paddock's Blog
Geek blogger (more info...)

Mick Stanic

Mick Stanic (Australia)
RSS button Principius Blog; SplaTT's Blog
Technology Evangelist & Digital Solutions Architect, founder of Principius

Jennifer Slegg

Jennifer Slegg (US)
RSS button JenSense
Known as "Jenstar" on various message boards. Google AdSense Moderator at WebmasterWorld.

Joe Janes

Joe Janes (US)
Professor at the University of Washington School of Information (Seattle Times article: Google for a grade: UW class to study popular search engine ), founder of the Internet Public Library, and book author

(20 new invitees)

Readers' Comments    
2005-04-18 02:32:49

Brandon Paddock

The only picture of me that I can think of that you could have found would be the old one on my now defunct LiveJournal

2005-04-05 18:06:19


A lot of people on this list that are nothing more than individuals who respout the same misinformation on search that they get from guys like Danny Sullivan.

Gimme a break. Who cares what the AdSense chick has to say about MSN Search... wow. What a waste.

2005-03-30 09:04:35

Mick Stanic

That would be a typo for me as well...its "Mick Stanic"...not Stanwick...jeez...

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the MSN Search team have got for us to look at and comment well as catching up with yourself and some great invitees Robin... :)

2005-03-30 01:58:29

Gary King

Looks like this will be a great conference! I hope to see lots of new innovation put into the MSN Search.

Also, Robin, maybe you could get them to fix your laptop while you are there?

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