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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hosting Away: Is There A Market For Offshore Hosting Providers?

I am not usually up to promote specific hosting services or Internet hosting providers, but among the hundreds of daily unrequested emails that I receive, there was one yesterday that stroke my interest.

Photo credit: Magnus Larsson

The content of the email said:

We supply Bullet-Proof servers for you:

Two fresh IPs
Dedicated 100 M fiber
Unlimited Data Transfer

Located in China

Price: No setup fee
US$ 599.00 per month

What's the big deal?



While this may likely be great news for spammers and other unscrupulous marketers, who seek hosting solutions that provide them with some shield from western control and police-led investigations, it may also be the tip of a new iceberg, I surely would like to see come closer.

Chinese hosting providers as well as professional Internet providers from distant parts of the world have attracted my interest for some time now.

Risking again of being caught for a complete nut for my bizarre requests, I have not made it a secret to have been eagerly (and unsuccessfully) looking for hosting providers that are not US or Europe-based, and that stand politically independent of the main western coalition block.

I have tried Lithuania, Malaysia, India. But with no success so far.

Either the few companies I was able to reach didn't provide the typical full set of services I have come to expect from a US-based provider, or the prices they ask are simply out of the market (at least if compared with the ones available from North American and European mainstream providers).

But, my feeling is that we should see some notable growth in this sector, especially for those western publishers who, like me, may have serious interests in having mirrors scattered around globe or simply not under the direct jurisdiction of our traditional courts.

The issue is not me wanting to hide or fearing a totalitarian takeover of the Western block, but rather a gradual and increasingly stronger understanding that if online publishing is key to your survival, you need to take smart preventive steps before someone else does it for you.

If you are upfront in reporting sensitive news, in supporting radical initiatives, in not hiding truth from your readers, you may grow rapidly a colony of angry enemies with big pockets and lots of lawyers.

So, while this is not an issue for many mainstream bloggers or news sites, it is certainly a very sensitive issue for social and political activists, supporters of alternative news and counter-information sites, independent reporters, and many others.

It is also true that going abroad and to far and distant countries like the ones I have mentioned above, carries with it its own risks and handicaps. But, at least in my view, this is part of being on the cutting edge, and when you are exploring new and unventured grounds there are always high chances of error, fraud, underservice, or even worse threats than the ones you have been running away from.

So given the awareness that there is no perfect or ideal solution, the idea of exploring alternative venues to traditional US-based hosting providers remains an interesting one in my opinion.

There can be indeed multiple reasons for which you may want to consider having an hosting provider outside of your home country:

a) Controversial content you publish which may instigate companies with big money and lawyers to block your site if this is easy for them to do so (and boy is it easy in some of ur "friendly and democratic countries").

b) Protection from potential natural disasters or blackouts by guaranteeing yourself multiple mirror locations from which to publish.

c) Protection from forms of restrictive censorship.

d) Faster and more efficient delivery of content to audiences far away from your main hosting source.

e) Greater security and protection against hackers.

In fact, it may be soon possible to offer highly competitive hosting services from non-traditional regions of the world, leveraging the extremely advantageous labor costs, the minimal competition and relative lower costs of entry for newcomers.




Fire them out.

Readers' Comments    
2008-02-24 04:28:22

APG Costa Rica

HostaRica has recently downsized and outsourced since it is going under. It is funny to hear that they have over 50 people working there, meanwhile IT, customer service etc these so called departments are just managed with less 5 people. If you do not believe me, just go visit them.

Also HostaRica are managing the websites from Real Time Gaming, would you trust them with your servers that contain your clients databases? Think about that, your servers, hosted with the competition. They are always prime targets for DDoS attacks and have suffered multiple attacks this year. Neysan Werner has many complains and lawsuit┬┤s from previouse clients. If you would like to have more feedback, just contact the online casinos from Realtime Gaming!

2008-01-08 06:18:36

Sir James Robson

Looking for a reseller to help sell co-located rackspace in offshore/ politically independent environment.

Sir James

2007-12-24 07:13:01

Sir James Robson

"The only 'real' offshore hosting solution provider."

The Republic CyberBunker was purchased from NATO in 1996. At the time of
the purchase it was independent ground and did not belong to the Dutch
government. This has never changed and since we have handed in our
decleration of independence. We comply with all NATO and UN resolutions
to run our own country and since 1996 the Republic CyberBunker has ran its own sovereign state,
protected by those guidelines and resolutions.

This means that the Republic CyberBunker is able to dicate its own laws
and in this case has opted not to have any.

We provide a 5000m3 high-tech server hosting facility, at the Republic
where our clients servers benefit from complete political independence
freedom and we have provided this service for over 12 years.

We run a strict no questions asked policy, meaning we dont ask the
clients any questions and nobody asks any questions about the clients.

For more information, please check the following link:

At the Republic CyberBunker we run our own data center CB3rob which
complies with all laws within the Republic CyberBunker and is unaffected
by any laws outside of our territory.

We provide for a luxerious location where all servers from our clients
can benefit from complete political freedom with top level hosting

We would be very pleased to provide you with offshore hosting and we
offer our new clients the following basic dedicated entry package:

1 x DUAL Core P4 1.80 GHz 2GB RAM 160GB HD with 100Base-TX uncapped

400,- EUR per month, per server.

Bandwidth no problems.

This includes full diplomatic status on your server.
You are free to upload whichever content you want to your server.

DNS hosting also included.

Payment condition is 3 months upfront.

All hardware is purchased brand new for the client and delivered to the
Republic CyberBunker at the expense of CB3rob.

24/7 technical support.

We can guaranty you 100 upload time.
Privacy and diplomacy are certain.

Best regards,

Sir James Robson

2007-08-11 15:03:07


check out offshore outsourcing in Switzerland. (High level of privacy, Earthquake& hurricane free, neutrality, No tax on foreign source income , etc)

2006-08-08 17:33:34

Michael Smith

Considering that HostaRica is owned by Real Time Gaming, would you trust them with your servers that contain your clients databases??? Think about that, your servers, hosted with the competition. They are always prime targets for DDoS attacks and have suffered multiple attacks this year.

2005-10-18 03:16:50

Jim Smith

Tried Hostarica after reading this. Hosting there is a nightmare. There are other places for hosting in Costa Rica, do not use them unless you enjoy having problems and bad service. Cyberfuel and Santa Fe Solutions have good reputations.

2005-10-18 03:16:09

Jim Smith

Tried Hostarica after reading this. Hosting their is a nightmare. There are other places for hosting in Costa Rica, do not use them unless you enjoy having problems and bad service. Cyberfuel and Santa Fe Solutions have good reputations.

2005-08-21 18:53:15


Have you had a look at SECUREHOST.COM located in the Bahamas?

2005-04-28 18:17:29

Jose Quesada

Located in the most stable country of Latin America and with the best infrastructure that used to be found only in the US, Hostarica offers great offshore hosting from our Data Center in Costa Rica.

Our facility has been online for over 5 years, with high-speed connection, incredible availability and 24/7 non-stop bilingual Tech Support.

We have been chosen by several companies from the US to locate mirror sites, database backups, failover servers, etc.

We offer web hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation of your own servers, web development and many services more.

I invite you to visit our website,, to get more information.

Please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for turning the lights on offshore webhosting.


Jose Quesada,
Sales Manager

2005-04-01 12:33:40

Offshore Hosting

The services we provide would seem to be relevent to what you are looking for.

Zentek International is a fully Offshore Hosting Services Provider based in Hong Kong, the financial and telecommunications center of Asia, with the freest economy in the World (including very low level of government involvement in business activities, and very low level of restrictions, intervention, and regulation).

From your article, we can most likely satisfy your requirements. We are one of the very few offshore hosting companies (and even onshore hosting companies) that provide real 24/7 support, which is absolutely critical because the offshore company may be in a totally different timezone, so your working hours (eg.3pm) may be their very early morning hours (eg.3am), so you need to make sure someone can really be contacted and is there to help 24 hours a day..

We provide Offshore Web Hosting and Offshore Dedicated Servers. While you didn't mention it, we also provide offshore Colocation and anonymous domain registration, if you need that too.

Hopefully this is on-target with what you need. We have plenty of sites hosted that are of the types you mention, and others that host with us for tax purposes, controversial content in their own country, create offshore mirrors of their data, and so forth.

Feel free to contact us at or give us a call at +852-30737359.

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