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Monday, March 14, 2005

Making Money With Your Blog: Amazon Ads

Here's a short (17") but very interesting conversation with Vishal Parikh, the main behind and the Podcast Jukebox.


Vishal has just released a first public free version of his Amazon Ads web-based service allowing anyone with a site, to easily integrate the latest deals, offers and products from a selectable number of Amazon product categories.



Not only. You can also customize the look and feel of these text-based ads while being able to track and monitor the actual conversion and clickthroughs.


I think Vishal has done a pretty good job of this, and once he throws in (he is already sleepless preparing it) the ability to specify selected keywords that will determine the type of products that you want to display, he will have then a true a killer for providing useful, contextual, non-intrusive product information to readers, while making some money doing it.

Kudos to Vishal!


Try AmazonAds out now:

Listen to my conversation late last night with Vishal. (Just click the Play icon).

Update - Tue March 15th

Vishal has taken my advice and feedback to heart and in less than 24 hours he has added the killer feature he was still missing.

Now you not only can can get an adstrip of Amazon products automatically displayed on your selected Web pages, but you can also specify the keyword that will characterize the content of those ads.


AmazonAds it's the best free gift independent publishers have received in a long time. Nothing to pay and lots to gain.

Go try it out yourself.

Here is a prompt example generated by having selected "Books" as product category, and "conferencing" (only single keywords accepted for now):


Readers' Comments    
2006-10-08 09:53:41


Thanks for the tips man! Gotta spend more times working on my blog and sites.

Modurator of DTM

2005-03-14 23:36:23

Ian Bruk

Thanks for this alert. In listening to the interview I started wondering if eBay ads are coming. I would think a geographically targeted eBay item list might be useful for a lot of local bloggers?

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