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Friday, January 28, 2005

Meeting Online: Advantages and Disadvantages

"It was fascinating to realize how many aspects of running a business meeting online are true powerful advantages over a physical one.

Many of them had never consciously surfaced in my extensive use of these technologies, as when you are using them, you are one with them.

You don't see the process and you don't appreciate (unless you make a conscious effort) the differences that such a novel way of communicating and collaborating truly brings to the table."


From my own experience I can say Robin Good not only is an excellent and inspiring online meeting host, but as a web conferencing expert he also knows when it is more appropriate to sit back and exploit that relaxed position to make useful observations.



A couple of days ago he participated in that manner in a six-person, multi-ethnic online meeting and decided to share his insightful meeting notes with his Corante EventLab readers.

If you appreciate a clear, concise and current report, summarizing the key advantages and disadvantages of online versus traditional meetings, then I kindly suggest that you read the full article.

Interesting comments here.

Robin Good -
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