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Saturday, January 22, 2005

How To Be Notified When Google Indexes Your Site: GIN Google Index Notification Tool

Released yesterday, the Google Index Notification (GIN) tool lets you keep track via email of what specific pages Google has indexed on your site.


Free to download, GIN shows you precisely which Web pages are actually being indexed by the Google spider and notifies whoever you want in near real-time.

Created by JRBTECH, GIN provides a useful feature for those who are publishing new sites and needing to promptly know when Google starts to indexing their site.



Setup is very easy: just include a call to a small PHP script inside your HTML code and you are up and running.

If you are a blogger or a user of a full-fledged CMS you should include this call to the GIN PHP script inside your template files.

More information:

You can register for an account here.

Download GIN:

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Readers' Comments    
2005-02-04 18:18:59


But who would want to pay for those ugly reports????

2005-01-22 19:57:24


2005-01-22 19:55:19


Yeah, but yours doesn't do any reporting like this one. Check out the screenshots.

And on some big sites, google can index a ton of pages, filling your inbox.

2005-01-22 19:31:07


This same thing can be accomplished easily by adding a small snippet of code to your page, without having to subscribe to some service.

I have the six or seven lines of code on my website.

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