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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Visualizing Databases and Spreadsheets: Omniscope And FeatureFinder

Following up on his recent coverage about OmniScope and its upcoming, lightweight, Flash-based counterpart FeatureFinder, Robin Good has just made his audio interview available with Edward Forbes, managing director of Iokio. The interview was held last week.

Omniscope 3-step approach from data to visualization

By listening to this 28' recording you will discover Robin's constructive, but critical attitude toward vendors who require that users install a stand-alone, proprietary viewer (similar to Acrobat Reader) that need be installed on a user's desktop instead of deploying the ubiquitous browser environment.

Read on for a peek inside the interview.



Although both Iokio products are used to provide end-users a graphical interface to data imported from a spreadsheet or a database, the differences between the two products are considerable.

In the interview Edward Forbes in particular addresses these differences and also shows that he is not lost for words when replying to each of the topics brought up by Robin:

  • How are OmniScope and FeatureFinder positioned in the market?

  • What are the major individual strengths of each tool?

  • Why is a separate viewer required to load OmniScope .IOK files?

  • Features, capabilities and limitations of FeatureFinder and of each version of Omniscope

  • Current pricing for each product

Graphical presentation using Omniscope of the distribution of several works by Van Gogh

Listen how Robin expresses a clear vision of especially FeatureFinder's potential growth in the near future. Another highlight is when Edward Forbes explains how geographical maps can be used to support the visual representation of data extracted from databases and spreadsheets.

FeatureFinder is not available to the public yet. Readers may subscribe to an alert servie and be notified of any news around its release.

The full recorded version of this Good conversation (28 ') is available through the Internet Archive:

.WMA (Windows Media) 3.5 Mb

.MP3 (zipped) 3.3 Mb

Robin Good - [ Read more ]
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