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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements To Soon Become Prescription-Only Drugs: Guess WHO Sets The Standards

The FAO and WHO organizations are pursuing a drug style risk assessment on nutrients, just like those done for new pharmaceutical products.
Pasqualantonio Pingue

While the officially stated goal is "to define a "scientifically-based and internationally applicable approach for nutrient risk assessment" the actual one is to set very restrictive standards for the use and consumptiom of nutritional supplements, to the effect that people will not be able anymore to buy or consume orthomolecular doses of any vitamin or mineral without a doctor's prescription.



How angry would you get if your country was going to shut off the opportunity for you to buy and consume these products?

Yes, you read it right.
How mad (or better, how bad) would you get if new laws forced producers of these nutrients to severely scale down dosages and to require doctors' prescriptions to buy them?
Well, the time is coming: and it is not too far away at all.

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